(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

March 21, 2005

The Boss is jumping around in his office
as if with glee and joy,
at times doing the football shuffle,
at times doin a few jumping jacks,
at times emphasizing his happiness
with a baseball shuffle,
and repeatedly exclaiming
"yes! yes! yes!
while the general watches the display passively
as if too aware of the Boss's over confidence.

Finally the Boss says
Stupid idiot should a run when he had the chance.
Boss 'He hee hee heee heee hee hee he.
The General simply watches the display
smoking his cigar,
and doesn't say anything.

The Boss continues
He hee hee heee heee hee hee he.
General 1 'The word on the street,
is that you were thinkin of gettin DT
some homeless friends.

Boss 'He hee hee heee heee hee hee he,
now that's funny.
General 1 'Seriously, that's what I heard.
Boss 'Heee heee heee.
DT aint homeless yet.

The Boss starts dancin around again,
as if unable to contain himself,
repeatedly saying

DT's new ome gonna be his SUV.
Boss 'He hee hee Heee heee hee hee he.

Meanwhile 2 aides watch the humorous display
from outside the office.

Bud 'Man look at that,
can you believe it?
Juggy 'No, I can't say I do.

Juggy pauses then continues
Should've run when he had the chance?
Bud 'He was referring to late last year
when the Boss kept trying to force an excuse
to incarcerate.

That's when DT had some money in his account.
It was the holidays,
and the Boss knew,
if DT was gonna skip town,
that would a been the tactical time to do it,
since some of the surveillance crew
were home for the holidays.

Juggy 'No wonder the guy was tortured ruthlessly.
Bud 'It's an old tactic,
preoccupy a target with torture,
and that's less time to plot.
Juggy looks at the Boss and shakes his head saying

Meanwhile the Boss continues jumpin around
like his pants were on fire.

Suddenly General 2 comes storming in,
see's the Boss jumping around,
then shouts

Suddenly the Boss stops in his tracks,
and stands at attention,
like he was a robot or something.

The General walks over to the Boss,
closely scrutinizes the Boss,
in an exaggerated manner,
like it was boot camp,
then says

What's your name soldier?

Boss 'Heee heee, you...
General 2 immediately cuts in
Wipe that smirk off your face soldier!
The Boss shuts up, and looks forward.
General 'Whats wrong with you anyway, soldier.

The Boss doesn't respond,
as the General glares at the Boss eye to eye.

Soon the Boss starts shifting in place,
like he has to use the restroom.

General 2 shouts 'Attention dammit!

Finally General 2 looks at General 1,
and gives a wink with a smirk on his face.

Finally General 2 says 'At ease soldier.

General 2 looks at General 1 and says
So is it official yet?
General 1 'Not yet?
General 2 'How many weeks left?
General 1 'You mean the condo?
unless he comes up with 3 months of mortgage payments.
Boss 'He hee hee heee heee hee hee he.

General 2 looks at the Boss and says
What's so funny?
Boss 'Heee heee, aint you happy general?

General 2 'So why didn't DT run? when he had the chance.
Boss 'Heee heee, stupid idiot is too honest.
Dat's his weakness I tellin ya.
Stupid idiot's too principled.
Anybody else would a bolted the gate when he had the chance.

General 2 'What does honesty have to do with it?
Boss 'Heee heee, stupid idiot thought he could get a job,
to pay the debt.
General 2 'That's why he stuck around?
to pay off his debt?

The Boss shakes his head and says
Can you believe it.
The idiot's stupid.
How could he possibly tink he could break our boycott.
Heee heee, heee heee,

see, dats why we ave the advantage,
little sucka too principled.
General 2 simply looks at the Boss.


The 2 aides continue to listen in,
from outside the office.

Bud 'DT was tryin to get a job?
Juggy '720 resume's the last 9 months.

Bud 'What're you kidding me?

Bud 'Then again,
With the shop's history of obstruction,
filtering, screening emails,
deleting emails, altering emails,
truncating content,
I guess it aint surprising.

Juggy 'Plus the guy has skills few people have,
and the demand is extremely high for those skills.
In fact the want ads go begging for people with this guys skills.
There's thousands of jobs out there,
that easily match this guys skillset.

Bud 'Yeah but the shops Boycott is virtually impenetrable.
Juggy 'They're even gettin arrogant about their obstruction,
kickin him off of job search web sites,
repeatedly delaying the guys efforts,
in some cases, blanking out his screens.
Juggy 'Before the Boycott,
all it took was a few resumes,
and bam! he had a job.


Meanwhile the Boss is now seated
across from General 1,
while General 2 is towering over the Boss
asking questions.

The Boss is continuously shifting in his seat
and says
'It's the truth, I swear.
General 2 continues glaring down at the Boss,
smoking his cigar.

Finally the Boss says 'Of course dere's otha reasons
he stuck aroun.
General 2 continues glaring.
Boss 'Little sucka has a personal vendetta agains me.
Both Generals look at the Boss, then burst out in laughter,
at the thought of a helpless citizen,
having any power over the Boss.

General 1 'If you ask me,
I say it's the other way around.
Boss 'Who asked ya?
The Boss quickly recoils with 'just kidding.

After a few seconds the Boss blurts out
Don't you see the benefits.
The Boss suddenly gets up from his chair,
and starts walking around and continues with

His journalism.
The the stuff he knows,
all that information he accumulated on us,
over the past 18 years.

The Boss pauses,
while the Generals eyes are glued on the Boss,
waiting for him to continue.

The Boss faces the Generals directly and says
How he gonna tell? Huh? huh? Huh?
if if he homeless. Huh? Huh? Huh?
General 1 'He could go to kinko's,
use the computers there.

The Boss looks at the General a couple seconds,
then his eye's suddenly light up,
as if with a spark of brilliance, and says

Wid what money?
General 1 shrugs and waits for the Boss to continue.

Finally the Boss says
Even if he had money,
they wouldn't let im load the software.
General 1 'What software.
Boss 'The FTP stuff,

you know, that software you need to update his site.
General 'He could use Interlan's utilities.
The Boss looks at the general then says 'Who's side are you on?
Then the Boss immediately recoils, and says 'juss kidding.

Boss 'Heee heee, besides,
he'd have ta upgrade to a new innerlan package,
which means more money.

All three look at each other
then the Boss says

Why are we even talkin about dis?
Little sucka'a credit cods are all stopped,
and he needs a card, for his monthly fee.

General 1 'He could send in a check.
The Boss looks back as if concerned,
then suddenly exclaims
'wid what money!
Money money money, everyting costs money.

All three stare at eachother a few seconds
then General 1 says
'He could relinquish his journalism.
The Boss looks back concerned again,
then says
'naw, he neva do it, I tellin ya.
He stuck on his journalism to the last cent.
Stupid idiot gonna need a new log book,
and he haven't even ordered one yet.

General 1 'You mean the hard cover?
That would be what, the first time in 10 years?
Boss 'Heee heee, heee heee,
by dis time, he usually have 3 blank books,
ready to write on.

Silence pervades the room
then General 2 ogles the Boss in an overt manner

Boss 'what?
General 2 keeps ogling, then says

You forced DT into this situation, didn't you.
You're the one with the personal vendetta, aint it.
Boss 'I I don know what you talkin about General.
I I doin dis fo fo all of us, you know dat.
If if we stop im ccccold,
juss like dat, den all our worries are gone.
I I tot dats what you wanted.

Both Generals simply glare at the Boss,
puffing their cigars.

Then General 2 says 'You're sadistic aint you.
Boss 'No, I swear. I mean, heee heee, ahhhh, what?

General 2 'You're just watchin and waitin,
like the predator you are,
watchin your prey, while you salivate and froth at the moth,
as you whet your sadistic appetite.

Boss 'Heee heee, heee heee,
He hee hee heee heee hee hee he,
keep keep talkin to me, I I like....
General 'That's part of the motive aint it,
you you savage.
Boss 'Heee heee, yes yes, dats what ....
stop general, stop it, he hee hee heee heee hee hee he.

General 2 'That's why you attack,
when you think you got your prey against the wall,
trying to provoke or incite him,
every time he withdraws from his savings, to pay bills...

Boss 'Heee heee, heee heee heee,
but not not fo long.
General 2 'Have you no decency,
you you sadist.
Boss Heee heee, heee heee heee, stop, please stop....
Once he on the streets, he'll be in our playground,
heee heee, wid no walls to stop our psy war,
Heee heee heee, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh,
it would be like psy war heaven.

General 2 'How can you do this to a human being,
who has so much to give.
Boss 'Heee heee, like what,
more web reports.
You have no idea how much research he have,
juss waiting to go on his website.
You have no idea.
You'll praise me later fo dis, I swear.


Meanwhile, just outside the office.

Bud 'So what was with the recent terror tactics?
Juggy 'When, last week.

Bud 'It's scare tactics, to dissuade DT from openin his door.
Juggy 'Why?

The Boss figures if he could reinforce the threat level,
that's all he needs.
Bud 'What threat level?
Juggy 'You know,
"we gonna incarcerate, boo! ha ha ha ha,
"we gonna relocate against your will! boo!
ha ha ha ha.
house arrest, boo!

Juggy 'Of course at this point,
they're just feeding off of
a whole year of conditioning tactics.

Bud 'So why was the Boss concerned last week?
about DT openin his door?
Juggy 'I really don't know.
It seemed to start right after the freeway incident last Tuesday.
Afternoon rushhour was suddenly stopped for hours.
Bud 'You mean the 101 westbound,
a couple miles from DT's place.
Hmmmmm. interesting.

Bud 'So did I hear correctly
about this citizens, last piece of the American dream.
Juggy 'You mean his condo,
waterfalls, ponds, ducks,
beautifully landscaped, garden like setting,
a rare find in the state of California.
A pond in the guys back yard.

Bud 'Dammm, he loses that?
What's it worth?
Juggy '$220,000 at least.
The guys had it for almost 20 years.
Bud 'How could they do this to the guy.
Juggy 'Makes you wonder don't it.

First his $380,000 home, now this.
Bud 'Because of his journalism?
Juggy 'The word is DT was gettin close.
Bud 'Like how close.
Juggy 'Like ready to name the organization.

Bud 'No way.
Juggy 'But you know DT,
he had to be sure.
Bud 'And consequently he runs out of time.

Juggy 'So now they're going into mockery mode.
Bud 'Huh?
Juggy 'You know. making fun of the target,
with his back against the wall.
It's a psy war tactic, to agitate, incite.

Bud 'How low can these people go.
Juggy 'Hey if they could gas this citizen
with a chemical banned by the Geneva convention,
they certainly wouldn't hesitate to do this.

Bud 'By the way, did you see the commercial,
about some guy in a space suit,
who has to use public laundry facilities.
Juggy 'That's what DT's gonna be doin.
Man the guy must've invested thousands to fix up that condo.

Bud 'Then DT goes to the bank the other day,
to withdraw more cash,
and the clerk is smiling ear to ear in an exaggerated manner.

Then today, at the park,
the shop stages some guy sleeping in his vehicle,
right next to where DT parked.
Juggy 'How coincidental is that.
Bud 'The shop's also stepped up the tactic,
of staging homeless people,
in some cases askin the guy for money.
Juggy 'Talk about being facetious.