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and the characters are fictional)

March 25, 2005

Stan and Stew
are in a private room,
closely watching a secretly recorded video.

Stan with an intense look, says
Wait, stop it right there.
Stew freezes the frame.
Stan looks at the frame a couple seconds, then says
OK, play back the last segment in slow motion.

While rewinding the short segment,
Stew says
'What're you looking for?
Stan doesn't respond.
30 seconds later, the pair are watching
the same segment,
showing DT signing loan documents.

Stan suddenly says 'stop!
Stew 'what?
Stan 'The notary, his movements, his posture.
Stew 'I don't see anything.
But look at his partner.
Stan 'Exactly, eyeing DT like a hawk.
Stew 'That's a shop diversionary tactic.
Distract the target,
while his accomplice does the deed.

After a few seconds, Stew says
What kind of chemical did DT say he was hit with?
Stan 'He didn't,
but the reaction is consistent with carbon monoxide or somtin similar.

Stew 'CO poisoning? dam! That's some serious stuff.
Was there any end-organ hypoxia?
like cerebral hypoxia,
or cardiac arrhythmias?

Stan doesn't respond, as if deep in thought,
then says
No, nothing like that, nothing durational.
This attack was sudden and abrupt,
like taking a whiff of glue or something,
which is only possible with a specialized pressurized device,
that would shoot out a jet of the substance,
directly at a target.
The effects would be abrupt and immediate.

After a few seconds Stew says
Obviously they were trying to incapacitate the guy.
Why do it while he's about to get $41,000 in cash?
Which obviously meant a few more months of journalism.
Stan 'Right before the elections.

After a few seconds Stew says
So what do you think?
An incarceration attempt?
Stan 'Or something worse.
After all, we're talkin about the shop here.

Why remove the physical evidence the night before?

Stew 'Say what?

Stan 'The night before,
the shop had access to DT for 2 lengthy periods,
3 hours and 4 hours.

Stew 'Why? To remove implants perhaps? tracking devices.
Stan 'As if anticipating something serious,
for the following day,
and didn't want to leave anything
that would suggest experimentation,
or that DT was a target of some sort.

You're right,
they must of been planning to incapacitate the guy.

Stew 'This was 3 months before the election.
Stan 'Hmmmmm, of course.
The next month,
DT wrote that scathing critique,
on questionable activity, leading up to the war.
Stew 'Which means DT must of been heavy into researching the war,
when the malicious intent took place.

Stan suddenly says 'Wait a minute!
Stan quickly reaches into his brief case,
grabs some documents,
and quickly starts reviewing the contents.

Stew 'What're you reading?
Stan 'Segments from DT's diaries.
Let's see, September 9th, September 9th.
Stew 'huh?
Stan 'That was the day the event took place.
30 seconds later Stan says
Let's see, September 9th, is the 9th day of the 9th month.
Stew 'Perhaps symbolic of two 9's, 99?
Stan 'The 9th letter is "I", so it could mean two I's.
Stew "II" for the number 11?
Stan 'Or, the twin towers,
the subject of DT's 9-11 research,
the last few years.

Stan 'The whole scenario looks suspicious,
don't you think?
Stew simply nods.
Stan 'considering the events leading up to this,
and the fact DT tried to expose somebody,
5 months earlier in March.

Stew 'Who was the mortgage company?
Stan 'Possibly a shop subsidiary.
Stew 'Which would mean the shop controlled everything.
Stan 'Including the staff, the negotiations, and the loan agents.

Stew 'That would explain how his loan was quickly approved,
with little documentation, beating out the competition.
In fact the agent didn't even look at the bank statements.
Stan 'That would also explain
why the note was immediately sold back to the original mortgage company.

Stew 'So if DT was dealing directly with the shop,
that would make the incapacitation attempt,
even more plausible.
This would further suggest
that the subsidiary was an avenue of attack,
an opportunity to attack the target directly.

Stan immediately says 'Hold on.
and starts flipping through the pages again.
30 seconds later Stan says 'Here,
September 4th, 2004.

Stew 'What? The 3rd anniversary of the Deputies meeting?
Stan 'what?
Stew 'September 4th, 2001,
one week before 9-11.
was their first White house meeting
on the strategic plan to combat terrorism.
Yet Clarke adamantly said he had a plan, 7 months earlier.
So in actuality, the white house finally has a plan,
one week before 9-11.

Stan looks at Stew a couple seconds, then continues
Anyway, the point here,
is DT was symbolically threatened several times,
on this same day, in 2004, 5 days before the chemical attack.
Stew 'In what way?
Stan 'Repeated symbolic gestures,
as if communicating "see ya, bye bye"
and repeated gestures as if communicating "yor out a time".

Stew 'The same symbolism during the JFK assassination.
Stan 'Huh?
Stew 'A long story.

Stan 'September 4th is also the day
the shop started viciously torturing DT with lung gas,
so vicious that DT quickly finishes diary book number 25,
in just one week, mostly detailing the torture,
Stew 'One week?
Which means book 25, ends on 9-11 2004, the 3rd anniversary.
How symbolic is that?
That means Book 26, starts on 9-11 2004.

Stan 'Coincidentally the book ends,
before the shop used the same subsidiary
to launch their psy war tactics.
Stew 'Why would the shop want to seperate
the chemical incident,
from the subsequent psy war?
In terms of DT's record of the events.
Stan 'Hey it's the shop,
always looking for secrecy when they can get it.

After reviewing the diary copies for the next 30 minutes,
Stan starts interpreting the psy war.

So it looks like the shop subsidiary
tried to put DT under a pressure cooker,
back in September of 2004.

Stew 'You're kidding,
after 5 months of ruthless chemical and psy war torture.
How ruthless and remorseless can these people be.
What'd they do?

Stan 'They were trying
to make it look
like he wasn't going get his money.
Stew shakes his head and says 'unbelievable.
Of course after 5 months of torture,
the threat must of been magnified.

Stan 'It was the worst time to do it.
At the time, DT only had $1000 in his bank account,
so he was literally at their mercy,
hanging by a financial string,
with $7000 in bills to pay.

Stew looks back shaking his head again saying
Absolutely ruthless.

Stan 'This was a couple weeks
after the carbon monoxide poisoning incident.
Stew 'An obvious chemical attack,
after 5 months of torture.
Why be obvious?

Stan 'Apparently with the invited audience
under their influence,

they probably assumed
such an attack
would be brushed off,
by the officials,

as related to their tainted conclusions.

Stew is looking at Stan again shaking his head, then says
Talk about camoflauging an obvious attack.
Stan 'A typical shop tactic.
A similar tactic probably occurred during the JFK assassination.

Stew 'So there's DT, euphemistically crawling on the ground,
begging for financial relief,
and there they are,
eupemistically dangling the cash,
then yanking it away.

Stan 'Something like that.
They complemented it with their terror tactics.
Stew 'Like what?
You mean using their secret mediums to communicate.

Stan 'Like "runnnn, they're lying to you"
"You've been ripped off"
"make a run for it now"
"you'll be incarcerated"
"runnnn now"
Stew 'Of course,
this is after 5 months of terror conditioning.

Stan 'Plus keepin the guy drugged, gassed.
Terror is absolutely magnified under those conditions.
Stew simply looks back shaking his head, then says
So here he is,
reeling from 5 months of torture,
they still continue to drug and gas the guy,
they still continue their terror tactics,
they still have his euphemistic, judge and executioner,
his potential incarcerator, so to speak,
scrutinizing the guy, as if waiting for DT to make a mistake,
He's down to his last cent,
and they act like he aint gonna get his money.

After a few seconds of silent disgust, Stan says
That's what you call,
cruel and unadulterated psy war,
something you wouldn't even wish on your worst enemy.

Stew 'Just because he wrote about 9-11?
Stan 'And JFK and everything else.

After a few seconds, Stew says 'When?
What day did it start?
Stan 'September 23rd,
the 7th sign of the zodiac,
which coincidentally occurs at zero degrees on a graph.
Stew 'Coincidentally while DT almost has zero dollars.

Stan 'The day before,
they complemented all this,
by slamming the guy with severe sleep deprivation.
Stew's shaking his head in disgust again,
then finishes Stan's sentence with

To lessen his ability to withstand the anticipated onslaught.

After a few seconds Stew continues
How could something like this
happen in the United States of America?