(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

March 3, 2005

Athens, Greece
8 pm

A violent thunderstorm rocks the city
as a city cab,
slowly makes it's way
through the twists and turns
of the back city streets.

Thunder and lightening
continue to rock the city

with a pyrotech display
of lightening flashes across the sky
instantaneously lighting up
the occupants of the cab

and with an occassional booming thunder
shaking the ground below
as if the Greek gods of the past
were hailing the new visitors
from the surrounding mountain tops

Seal 1 'What time is it?
Seal 2 '8 pm.
By tomorrow evening
I'll be resting comfortably
with my chick at my side.

Seal 1 'Which one?
Seal 2 hesitates for a second,
then laughes loudly saying

Whoever happens to be home!
and follows his comment with more laughter.

After a few seconds Seal 1 says
That info heist was too easy,
much much too easy.
Seal 2 'You got that right.
Seal 1 'I expected at least a firefight,
you know, maybe a few 70 millimeter shells goin off.
Seal 2 'This will be the first mission
where nothing happens.

Crowbar 'You boys seem disappointed.
Stump 'These guys are use to combat
They live for this stuff.
Seal 1 'You got that right.
Seal 1 in mock anger shouts
I wanted some action dam it!

The group laughs then Seal 2 says
He just wants to boast to his chick,
how he got injured in combat or somtin.
Stump 'You guys are sick.
Like a couple of brain washed commandoes.

Seal 1 shouts in mock anger again
I wanted some action dam it!
Seal 2 'The hotels just a few blocks away,
you'll get all the action you want.

Seal 1 yelps in mock joy shouting 'yeah!
while giving seal 2 the high five.
Crowbar 'Are you guys high on drugs?
Seal 1 'We're high on life man!
followed by more laughter

Crowbar 'By the way,
when do you think we'll be able to transmit.
Stump 'As soon as we get a secure line.
Seal 1 elbows seal 2 and says 'transmit?
what are we high tech now?

Suddenly Crowbar shouts out
Hey! Plato, you missed the freeway!
Plato 'I take side roads
just sit bock an relox.
Seal 1 playfully says
You heard him, relax.

Stump 'Plato?
Crowbar 'That's the cabbies name.
Seal 2 'I thought Plato was Aristotles tutor.
Seal 1 'Say what?
Suddenly you're mister scholar.
What is this.

Stump 'What's he talkin about.
Crowbar 'Aristotle Agothan, about 2300 years ago,
studied under Plato,
and taught Alexander the Great,
how to be a champion.

Stump 'I thought the Oracle at Delphi did that.
If I remember correctly,
the Oracle went into a trance,
Seal 1 rudely interrupts and says while laughing
You guys.

Crowbar 'Trance?
Stump 'Yeah,
thats what happened in those times.
Seal 1 laughes again and says
You guys, come on.

Stump continues
You know, like she was suddenly possesed,
so she's in this trance,
staring at the guy for a few seconds,
like she was looking right through him,

then suddenly this deep throaty tone,
not her own, comes out,
and she tells Alexander,
Stump trys to mimic the ancient exchange
and says in a low haunting voice

Young - man - you - - are - invincible.
Seal 1 laughes 'come on dude.

Stump 'After that,
he conquered the known world
by age 32, if I aint mistaken.
Crowbar '32, that was the year Aristotle Onassis
started his shipping business, 1932.
Seal 1 'How about that dude.

Crowbar 'He later married JFK's wife in 1968.
Come to think of it,
68 is the inverse of 32.

Seal 1 'How do you guys know these Aristotles?
Seal 2 'I thought he was the guy
who wrote those greek tragedies.

Crowbar 'Actually the greek tragedies,
began about 2500 years ago,
as religious festivals.
They'd have 4 successive plays,
3 tragedies, followed by one comedy.
Seal 2 'Why the comedy?

Crowbar continues
They would all end in tragedy, or catastrophe,
especially for the hero.
Stump 'Interesting.

Crowbar 'Aristotle called the plays, catharsis,
like an emotional release.
a sort of consolation of their fears and pity.
Stump 'Interesting.

Seal 2 'So why end with a comedy.
Crowbar 'I don't know,
to laugh at one self?
Stump 'Dam, this all sounds oddly familiar.

Crowbar 'Arisistotle also said somtin about existence,
that it was classified into several categories,
some of which include

determinination in time and space,
relation, position, and condition.
Seal 1 'Come on dude,
you're spookin me out.

Stump 'Some guy talking
about the dimension of time
2400 years ago?

Crowbar 'His tutor, Plato,
also wrote about the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Then soon after the Greeks,
the Roman tragedies included ghosts in their plays.

Seal 1 'Can we get back to the tragedy thing,
after the JFK asassination.
Seal 2 'Say what?
Seal 1 'When JFK's wife remarried, in 1968.

Crowbar '1968, 68, 68, I've heard that number before.
Stump 'He also bought that gigantic casino interest,
Onassis did, in Monte Carlo, in 1953.
Crowbar 'That was the same year JFK married,
September 12th, I think it was.
Crowbar 'That was also DT's childhood address,
912 D street.
Seal 1 interrupts 'guys, guys,
what are you talking about?

Stump '1953 is a big year historically.
Crowbar 'Of course it is,
it's a major focus of our investigation.

Stump 'Oh, and the tycoon first married in 1946.
Crowbar 'That was JFK's age, when he was shot.

Stump 'Oh wait, JFK's bro was shot in 1968,
on the 23rd anniversary of D-Day.
Crowbar '23, hmmmmm, that's also '11' on the clock.
Stump '2 months before construction started
on the world trade center.

Suddenly the cab pulls in front of the Holiday Lodge Hotel.
By this time Seal 1 is snoring
and sound asleep.

Seal 2 gruffly shakes Seal 1 saying
Hey, wake up buddy, we're here.

Suddenly, in reaction
Seal 1 grabs Seal 2
and pins im to the seat in a choke hold.

Crowbar and Stump immediately yank Seal 1 away.

Seal 1 as if still waking up
shakes his head saying,
where am I

Seal 2 laughing nervously says
Hey, we're here dude.

Seal 1 'Dam, you woke me at a bad time.
I was in this dream,
I was with a team of frogmen,
and we were raiding this aircraft carrier,
you know bullets flying everywhere,
and and I had just dove into the sea
under a hail of gunfire,

and suddenly something started yanking me under,
when you woke me up.
Seal 2 'Sorry dude.
It won't happen again, I swear.

5 minutes later
the group is checking in at the desk.

Suddenly Seal 1 says
Oh shit, I'm gettin sonar readings.
Seal 2 looks at Seal 1 and says 'huh?
Seal 1 playfully says 'check-it-out-dude.
Seal 2 turns to see a blond standing nearby.

Seal 1 then looks to his left and nudges seal 2 saying
ooh ohh, check-it-out.
Seal 1 then looks to his right and says
What is this, paradise hotel?

Immediately both seals start wondering nearby,
and Seal 1 says to Crowbar

We'll catch you dudes later.
Crowbar 'That sleep did you good buddy.
Seal 1 more focused on other things,
slightly turns toward Crowbar and says

as he's walking away.

Crowbar 'These guys.
Stump 'I feel like a baby sitter.
Stump turns to say something,
but both seals
are already conversing with a Brunette nearby.

Stump looks behind, and nonchallantly says
I guess I get the blond.
Crowbar looks at the beauty queen, and says
Good luck pal.

Stump shoves a set of keys at Crowbar,
and briskly walks over to the blond.

By the time Crowbar could seperate the keys
he turns and notices
Stump walking toward the elevators
with the blond
carrying her suitcase,
and thinks to imself, 'dam he's good'


20 minutes later
Stump is in the Blonds room
holding her tight
in a love embrace,
whispering sweet nothings
and kissing her all over.

The Blond is repeatedly giggling
telling Stump to stop.

Stump playfully says
I missed you my darling,
where have you been all your life.

The Blond giggles and says in an accent
Stump 'You know what I mean darling,
you need me so badly.

The Blond continues to giggle and says
Why do you say such tings,
you wild creature.
Stump 'Yes, yes, thats what I want,
tell me more.

Entertain me, enjoy me, more and more.
The Blond pushes Stump away
You comedians are all alike.

Stump pulls the blond back into his arms
and continues kissing her.

mmmuh mmmmuh mmmmmuh
The Blond abruptly pushes Stump away, and says
Enough of dis.

Stump has a surprise look on his face,
and playfully says

But, but, I tot you loved me?

The Blond,
ignores Stumps comment,
walks over to the bed,
sits on the bed,
pulls out a cigarrette,
takes a few puffs and says in her accent

You boys are all in danger,
you know that.
Stump 'We're always in danger,
thats our job my love.

Blond 'Seriously,
you were all followed,
you know that.
Stump stares at the blond a few seconds,
as if wondering how serious she was,
then, in a change of tone says

The Blond, in a serious tone now, says
You will not make your flight tomorrow.

Stump walks over to the window,
and carefully scrutinizes the traffic below,
and notices no traffic,
in front of the hotel.

Blond 'Yes, Mr. Stump,
the streets are blocked off.
Stump keeps gazing
out the 30th floor of the high rise,
and doesn't say anything.

Blond 'You will find the necessary equipment
in your rooms.
After midnight,
you will not be able
to leave through the lobby.

Since there were no balconys
Stump knew exactly
what equipment he would find
in his room.

After a few seconds,
Stump turns, and just stands there
looking at the beauty queen,
as if being pulled in opposite directions
between attraction and danger.

Stump then abruptly starts toward the door.

Blond 'No kiss good night? Mr. Stump.
Stump pauses, looks at the blond,
gives her a smile, then leaves.


9:30 pm

Stumps hotel room

Seal 1 is outraged
shouting vulgar expletives,
and finishes with

Dam it, dam it! dam it! dam it!
dam it! dam it! dam it!
How could you do this to us Stump!
WE trusted you!
We followed you!

Seal 2 'Calm down.
You wanna wake up the neighbors.

Seal 1 'How could you do this to us Stump?
The plan was to ditch the chopper in the Red Sea.
That was the plan.

But nooooo,
you had to return the craft to base.
Seal 2 'Calm down dude.
Stump 'What can I say, I'm Catholic.
Besides it's a billion dollar aircraft.

Seal 1 'You compromised the operation Stump.
Crowbar 'Relax, soldier,
Stump knows what he's doing.
Seal 1 'Yeah, right,
he makes the call, and now we're surrounded.

Seal 2 suddenly grabs seal 1 by the shoulders
and says
Get a hold of yourself!
Seal 1 simply looks back.
Seal 2 'You're addressing your commanding officer soldier!
Now act like it!

Seal 1 looks over to Stump.
Seal 2 'Stumps the man,
and what ever he says goes!
Any questions!

Silence pervades the room,
then Crowbar walks over to seal 1
slaps im on the shoulder and says

Come on dude,
nothing we can't handle.
We've been through worse situations.

Seal 1 simply stares at the window.
Crowbar 'Come on,
it's ok, we've all been through this,
doubting the leadership,
but when it comes down to it,
we know they were picked to lead for a reason.

Everybodys different,
there's stuff Stump can't tell you,
because it's a need to know,
you can understand that can't you?

Seal 1 gives a slight nod.
Crowbar 'If Stump made the call,
to return the craft,
there was a dam good reason, trust me.

If it were ethical, moral, whatever,
that's not for us to know.
But you can bet on one thing,
Stump's lookin out for us, ok.
Stump's always there for us.

Trust me, if he didn't make the call he did,
it would be a lot worse,
and I aint saying why.
You can live with that can't you soldier.

After a few seconds
Seal 1 walks over to the window,

then turns to Crowbar
and gives the double thumbs up, saying

You are good dude, you are good.

Seal 2 'Alright then, let's party.
Both Seals give eachother the high five.

Crowbar continues, in a louder tone,
as both seals start toward the door.

With Stump there's no plan.
He improvises on the spot.
That's why he's the best.
Seal 1 turns and gives Stump the thumbs up,
'You're the best dude.

After the 2 seals leave,
Stump says
'Like I said,
we're like a couple of baby sitters.
At this both men evoke immediate laughter.


10 pm

The guys are whooping it up on the dance floor
with 3 seals repeatedly switching dance partners
like they owned the place,
while Stump is at the bar
having a conversation with a brunette.

The Brunette speaking in an accent says
You're boys are wild,
where did you get them?
With a surprise look on his face,
Stump says
'What, do I look like their daddy.
The Brunette responds in laughter.

Stump finishes off his drink,
and says
The Brunette smiles,
while Stump flags down the bartender
for another orange juice.

Brunette 'I like your choice of drinks.
Stump 'Tanks,
I could go all night with that stuff.
The Brunette doesn't respond,
and Stump quickly realizes,
the brunette was focusing her attention,
over his shoulder,
as if distracted.

Stump turns to his left
to see a tough guy quickly approaching.

Stump playfully says
oh oh, somebodys gonna get it.
and turns to the Brunette to continue the conversation.

Stump 'So where was I?
Brunette 'You said you could do that all night.
Stump erupts in laughter.
Before Stump could continue,
the tough guy gruffly pats Stump on the shoulder.

Mildly surprised
Stump turns to see a 200 pound body builder
glaring down at him.
Stump soon notices the tough guy appeared intoxicated
and says
'The restrooms that way pal.

The Tough guy continues glaring at Stump.
Stump flags the bartender with
Bartender, little johnny has to pee.
and bursts out laughing.
then suddenly controls himself
and says
'sorry, sorry, that was uncalled for,
I will not do it again, I swear.

The tough guy continues glaring at Stump unamused,
and finally says
'That's my chick man!
Stump suddenly stands up,
and cupping his hand over his eyes,
as one would do to cut the glare from the sun,
looks all around, saying

Whe, whe,
I don't see her.
then bursts out laughing again.

By this time the tough guy,
seemed to realize that Stump was a bigger boy,
remains a few seconds,
then abruptly leaves.

Stump turns to the Brunette and says

What? what'd I say?
then bursts out laughing, sits back down,
and continues chatting.

15 minutes later,
the Tough guy is back
this time with 2 pals,
both with bigger builds.

The Tough guy pats Stump on the shoulder again,
this time politely.

Stump turns, realizes it's the same guy,
stands up and says

You know, you just left too quickly,
and I couldn't figure out why.
Can you, please explain yourself.

stepping aside
the tough guy says

No, but my friends will.
His 2 pals immediately make a move toward Stump

In less than 30 seconds,
both pals are writhing on the floor
moaning and groaning, and crying in pain,
both alternately saying

You broke my arm, you broke my arm.

The Tough guy, immediately grabs a beer bottle
breaks it in half,
pulls out a knife,
then faces Stump directly,
and shouts a few vulgar expletives,
advertising the confrontation to anybody nearby,
then suddenly lunges at Stump.

Within seconds Stump quickly disarms the tough guy,
and Stump has the guy in a headlock kissing the counter.

Stump 'You like oak tough guy!
huh huh huh!
Stump increases the grip and says
taste! taste! you like!
huh huh huh!

The Tough guy mutters in a muffled tone
and Stump says
'What? what was that? you no likey?

Stump lets the guy breath a little,
and Stump could barely hear the guy say in an accent

You didn't have to break their arms, did you Mr. Stump?
Stump responds in a low voice with
Their arms are just sprained.
They'll be ok in a week.

After a few seconds
the tough guy says in a muffled accent

You guys will have to penetrate the barrier on your own.
Stump slams the guy on the counter in mock anger
and says
'The what!
Tough guy 'The roadblock.

After a couple seconds the Tough guy says
They'll meet you at the extraction point.
Stump slams the guy again and says in a muffled manner 'Where!
Tough guy 'Galileo, will direct you.
Stump 'What?

Tough guy 'It's in the hum vee parked in the front of the hotel.
Stump 'What the hell is Galileo?
The Tough guy drops the keys on the floor
and says
'5 am.
They'll pick you up at 5am,
at the extraction point.
At this the Tough guy gets up,
and immediately leaves with his 2 pals.


2 am

The 4 seals,
are all suited up,
and ready for action,
in ninja style black outfits,
and painted faces,
as if ready for a commando style raid.

All four
anxiously await the signal,
in Stumps room.

Stump looks out the window,
then turns to the group and says

Well boys this is it.

Seal 1 chewing a stick of gum,
has this wild look on his face
and says
'Yeah baby!

Seal 2 looking around says
Where's the charge?
Seal 1 playfully says 'What charge?
Seal 2 'Dam it where is it!
Seal 1 laughing says 'It's in your pants you moron.

Seal 2 starts patting his GI pants,
and says
'You little prankster,
I'll get you for this.
Stump 'We have to make it to ground zero first, hot shot.

Seal 1 starts laughing with the same wild look on his face.
Seal 2 looking at the phone says
Come on ring already.
Stump 'Patience, patience.
Seal 1 starts walking around
Dam it, I can't wait,
I need this so bad.

Seal 2 'That's what you told that chick downstairs.
Seal 1 bursts out with wild laughter,
then starts coughing saying

The gum, the gums in my throat.
then quickly coughs it out,
and starts laughing wildly again.

Stump yells out 'Dam it keep it down!
How we suppose to hear the phone.
Seal 1 looks at Stump and says
You're anxious too, aint you dude.
You can't wait either, can you.

Suddenly the phone rings 5 times.
At this,
Seal 2 plants a c-4 charge on the window,
and 15 seconds later
a muffled controlled explosion
sends shards of glass
flying to the street 30 stories below.

One by one,
the 4 seals parachute out the window.

Seconds after the 4th seal parachutes out,
the entire building is rocked
by a massive explosion
ripping through the 30th floor,
bursting all the windows,
and sending out gigantic fireballs
which instantaneously light up the street below.

Before they could reach the ground
machine gun fire suddenly erupts
seemingly from every direction.

The 4 seals,
with the pouring rain,
hindering their visibility,
immediately return fire,
adding to the pyrotech display,
which lights up the streets below.

Upon hitting the ground
the 4 seals immediately take cover
between 2 large trucks
and randomly return fire
against an obvious overwhelming force.

Seal 2 yells 'Where's the hum vee!
The group
frantically looks every which way
then seconds later, Crowbar shouts

Across the street!

Seal 1 grabs the keys from Stump.
and attempts to cross,
but is immediately stopped
by a hail of machine gun fire.

For the next 30 seconds
The 4 seals desperately return fire
in an obvious quagmire.

Then suddenly out of nowhere
an AH-64D Apache attack helicopter
seems to drop out of the sky,
and immediately starts eliminating
the opposing targets
with 70 millimeter shells,

spotting the street with massive fireballs.

At this the 4 seals
immediately rush toward the hum vee
and are amazed by the cache of weaponry
inside the vehicle.

Within seconds
the hum vee is racing toward the road block.

Seconds before reaching the barrier
a 70 millimeter shell
rocks the barrier
with a massive explosion,

and in a perfectly timed sequence,
the Hum vee goes crashing
into the burning aftermath,
and flys right through the barrier unnopposed.

The vehicle speeds down a side street,
and soon encounters two S70B seahawks,
which riddle the street and nearby parked vehicles
with machine gun fire,
occassionly hitting the hum vee.

The 4 seals return fire,
with rocket launchers
and automatic fire,
striking one seahawk,
and lighting up the area
with a massive fireball.

An exhange of gunfire continues
for the next 5 minutes,
with the remaining Seahawk.

By this time the 4 seals
are lost and in an obvious disadvantage
scaling a small mountain.

Upon reaching the top
the seahawk is there waiting
and locks on its target.

Seconds later a laser guided missile
slams into the seahawk from the side
lighting up the mountain side
with another massive fireball.

Seconds later a AH-64D Apache attack helicopter
flys low over the hum vee
as if in salute
then disappears into the night sky.

The 4 Seals simply sit there
for the next few minutes,
submachine guns in hand,
at the ready,
with Seal one standing through the open top,
ready to fire another shoulder rocket.

The group waits and waits,
reacting to every small noise,
repeatedly peering at the night sky.

Finally Stump says,
alright, that's it guys.

Seal 2 then turns to seal 1
and gives seal 1 the high five,
'See! What'd I'd tell ya!
Stumps the man!
Seal 1 returns a high five of his own,
and shouts
'Yeah baby!

All 4 men hop out of the vehicle,
and survey the country side
from atop the mountain,
not really looking at anything.

Finally Seal 1 says 'dam that's beautiful.
Seal 2 'What, the country side?
Seal 1 'No, all that burning wreckage below.
At this, all 4 men start laughing.

Stump 'Now you have somtin to tell your chick.
Seal 1 'Which one?
All 4 men start laughing again.

Then Stump in a serious tone says
This operation remains classified gentlemen.
Crowbar 'We know that dude.
The boys are just funnin with you.
Seal 1 'No we aint.
The 4 men start laughing again.

Seal 2 'What're we laughin at,
we just left a trail of destruction.
Seal 1 'They started it.
The 4 men start laughin again.

Stump 'See dudes,
there's a right time, and there's a wrong time.
Crowbar looks at Stump and says
Come on Stump, not now.
Seal 1 'Yeah man,
lets go party,
you know, a little cel-e-bration.

Then Stump says 'This my friends,
I hate to say it,
is only the beginning.
Seal 1 'Yeah baby!
Seal 1 and seal 2 give eachother the high five.
The group responds in laughter.

Crowbar 'What was that Greeks name,
who spent 10 years trying to get home.
Seal 1 'Aristotle?
Stump 'No dude, Odysseus.
The group responds in laughter again.

Finally Seal 2 says 'Where to from here?
Stump shrugs, then says 'Gallileo?
Seal 1 'Say what?

Crowbar 'That's Europes version of GPS.
Seal 1 'That stupid hum vee has GPS?
Crowbar 'It's probably already set for the extraction point.
Stump looks at his watch and says
Oh shit, we got 30 minutes!

Stump 'Within seconds the hum vee
is racing down the mountain
for an unknown destination.

Seal 1 'This stupid thing
has a software based receiver.
After a couple seconds Seal 1 continues
A 2.046 megahertz sample rate?
That's a dam poor accuracy level.

Stump 'There you go complaining again.
The group responds in laughter.