(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

April 30, 2005

The Boss is standin at the window
staring out,
smokin a cigar,
when Brendon comes walkin in.

Brendon slams his fist
on the Boss's desk
slightly startling the Boss
who drops his cigar on his clothes.

The Boss immediately starts dancing around
to shake off the burning embers,
while General 2 comes walking in.

General 2 booms 'attention!
Both men stand at attention,
while General 2 casually walks over to the Boss,
for a face to face chat.

General 2 'What is it with you soldier?
Boss 'What sir?
General 2 'If I remember correctly
the last time I was here
you were jumpin around like an idiot.
Brendon starts chuckling.

Boss 'I don't know what you're talkin about sir.
General 2 eyes the Boss closely and says
Are you calling me a liar soldier?
Boss 'nnnno sir.
Anything but that.
General 2 booms 'What!

The Boss immediately corrects imself
Nothin sssir.
A wittle slip of the tongue.

General 2 just stands there glaring at the Boss
and soon the Boss starts teeterin and tottering.

General 2 booms 'Attention dammit!

After a few seconds
the General walks over to Brendon and says

At ease.

General 2 casually sits in the Boss's chair
and Brendon says

General 2 glares at Brendon
and Brendon's tone turns into a slight quail
as he says
'uhhh, that's the Boss's chair sir.

General 2 responds by putting his feet
on the Boss's desk
and lighting up a cigar.
After a few seconds the General looks over at the Boss
and catches him gawking
with his mouth slightly ajar.

General 2 'Any questions?
The Boss immediately trys to correct his demeaner
and says
'No, no qwestuns.
None whatso ever.

General 2 keeps lookin at the Boss
then the Boss says

Oh, you're wonderin why I was Dancin aroun, sir?

The General continues lookin,
then says
'you have something to tell me.
Boss 'Heee heee, I do?

The Boss immediately corrects himself,
and says
'Oh, of course, yes sir General.
The Boss quickly lightens up
like he was suddenly a different person,
and approaches the desk,
giving the general the double thumbs up,
while uttering
'Heeee heeee heee'.

General 2 simply continues lookin at the Boss.
The Boss continues by saying
The mortgage company put a notice on DT's door,
a few days ago.
General 2 'So that means what? Homeless soon?

By now the Boss has a wild look in his eyes,
and says exuberantly like he couldn't contain himself

Plus plus plus, heeee heee, heee heee, plus plus...
General 2 'Plus what dammit!

Boss 'He missed a payment on his SUV.
General 2 'So what does it mean.
Boss 'Heee heee heee,
figger it out general.


Meanwhile 2 aides stand outside the door
intently listening again.

Jess 'Did I hear correctly?
No condo, no SUV.
Brewster 'You heard correctly,
possibly soon,
unless of course....

Jess 'Dam it.
I can't believe this guy hasn't got a job yet.

Brewster 'That's gonna be even tougher now,
the cable company just shut off his email service.
Jess 'Due to what, non payment.

So he must of listed his email address
on all his resumes.

Brewster 'The guys been late on payments before.
Jess 'So you don't suppose the shop
had somtin to do with it.
Brewster 'You know the shop,
obstruction, obstruction, obstruction.

If the guy don't pay up,
they'll surely shut off his internet access,
and his ability to update his website.
Jess 'It's only 30 bucks a month.
Brewster 'Part of his cable bill.

Besides, if the mortgage company takes action,
internet service won't mean a thing.
Jess 'No place to sign on.

Man this is ridiculous,
800 resumes in 10 months, and no job.
Brewster 'Plus the guy was an expert in his trade.
Jess 'There's no plausible deniability here.
Brewster 'There's hundreds of jobs out there, nationwide,
begging for this guys skills, and few candidates.

Jess 'What about his research?
All those documents, all those log books? 26 to be exact.
What about all those newspapers with notes?
Brewster shrugs and says
DT's surely locked out of his storage slot by now.
Jess 'missed a payment.

Man I can't believe this.
What're they tryin to do to this guy?
They force all this debt with a boycott,
and then won't let im work it off.
Brewster 'A bunch of sicko's if you ask me.

The guy doesn't even have health insurance now.

the guy doesn't even get the New York Times any more.
Jess 'You're kidding.
They stopped delivery due to non payment.
Brewster nods in acknowledgement and says
He could afford the local paper though.
Jess 'But the New York Times
is more detailed,
and they get their facts right.


Meanwhile the conversation continues
inside the Boss's office.

Brendon and the Boss
are now both seated across from the General
with all three, smoking cigars.

All three just sit there,
casually blowing circles
with the cigar smoke.
then the General looks at the Boss.

Boss 'Heee heee what?
General 2 remains silent for a few seconds, then says
Why you doin this?

The Boss quickly glances behind,
then goes into his Deniro impersonation, saying

You talkin to me? Are you talkin to me?
Brendon plays along and says
Yeah tough guy, he's talkin to you.

Boss 'Who asked ya?
Brendon and the Boss start staring eachother down,
then the General intercedes
by loudly clearing his throat.

The Boss stops the charade,
looks at the General, then says

Uhhhh, you know, dats my yob.
General 2 'The truth,
Why are you doin this?

The Boss hesitates, then says
Heee heee you know.
The Boss's eyes light up,
as he continues to explain

Heee heee heeee,
heee heee heee,
Brendon suddenly gives the Boss
a quick slap behind the neck.

The Boss exaggerates with a yelp
Ouch man!

General 2 'Alright knock it off!
The Boss continues
You know,
no place to put his research,
what what he gonna, how he ....

General 2 turns slightly in the swivel chair
'I see, total and absolute obstruction.
No place for 20 years of evidence to go,
and .......
The Boss suddenly gets out of his chair,
and starts dancing and yelping with

Yeah! heee heee heee! yeah!
I bad! I real bad!
Heee heee heee!
I toll you I'd win!

Brendon 'But but it's it's
so obtuse, so blunt, don't you think?
The Boss suddenly stops in his tracks, and says
Huh? Whacha talkin about sucka!

Brendon 'The guys a helpless citizen
for cryin out loud.
How could he be such a threat?
That the most powerful organization on the planet,
would resort to such ruthless tactics,
simply for one helpless citizen.

By this time,
the Boss is standing to the left of Brendon,
glaring im down again.

General 2 'Now see, you upset the Boss again.
You wanna explain yourself Brendon.
Brendon 'This is a little too tyrannical,
don't you think?
I mean where's the plausible deniability.

Boss 'The Boss suddenly throws his hands in the air,
as if in protest, and says
whad'ya mean!
Dere's no plausible deniability!

Brendon cowers slightly
by the sudden domineering disposition
of the Boss.

The Boss continues
as he starts walkin around the room,
as a teacher would do, giving a lecture.

Boss 'Whad do you tink all that effort was fo?
the lass 12 months.
Brendon 'What effort?

Boss 'All those long hours,
as we toiled and labored, an an sweated so hod,
so very very hod.
Huh huh, whad a bout dat?

gassin im gassin im,
druggin im, druggin im, wid LSD... oops
The Boss suddenly covers his mouth, then says
You didn't hear dat did you?
The General chuckles by the comedic display.
Brendon 'What are you talkin about Boss?
Boss 'Dam it! see!
You youngsters never know nuttin!

The Boss faces Brendon directly
and raises his tone saying
Ta convince all those officials!
Brendon 'Huh?
The Boss throws his hands in the air
as if in frustration and says

See! You don know nuttin!


Meanwhile the 2 aides
continue to listen in.

Jess 'Can you believe this guy?
Brewster 'There's probably other reasons,
that he hasn't said yet.
Jess 'Like what?
Brewster 'Like the incident last September,
when the shop tried to nail DT
right before he was about to acquire
further funding.

Jess 'You mean the $41,000.
Rumor has it that he was hit
with a burst of carbon monoxide.
Brewster 'You're referring to September 9th.

I was referring to September 23rd,
the 7th sign of the zodiac,
symbolic for zero, nada.
Jess 'huh?
Brewster 'I'll explain later.
However, on September 9th,
the notary showed up twice that day.

Jess 'Twice?
Brewster 'The first time, by himself.
Jess 'They always show up alone.
Brewster continues
Anyway, the first time, by himself.
he walks right in,
then immediately lets air in the place,
by opening the patio sliding doors.

Jess 'Why? It's so so ....
Brewster 'Intrusive.
Think about it,
if my orders was to gas somebody,
I certainly wouldn't want a whiff.

Jess 'So the notary intrusively lets air in,
anticipating the deed.

Brewster 'But the mortgage company screwed up the numbers,
so DT had no choice but to reject the terms of the loan.
Jess 'So voila the stage is set for a night visit,
Brewster 'With less people traffic.
Jess 'And fewer witnesses.

So what happened on September 23rd.
Brewster 'That was panic day,
at least that's what the shop was trying to instill.

Jess 'Panic, like in psychological warfare.
Brewster 'Can you believe it.
Druggin and gassin the guy,
in a ruthless malicious manner,
for 6 months,
then without remorse,
they callously try to force
absolute mental cruelty.

Jess 'What'd they do?
Brewster 'In fact
they hit the guy with severe sleep deprivation,
the day before,
as if to maximize the effect.
Jess 'You mean limit his ability
to decipher the situation.
How cruel.

Brewster continues
For the next few days,
they repeatedly gave the impression
he wouldn't get his money.
Jess 'That is low, that is low,
on the 7th sign of the zodiac,
symbolic for zero?

Brewster 'After 6 months
of the most ruthless tactics known to man,
including one terror episode after another,
it wasn't hard to terrorize the guy like this.
Jess '6 months of dopin the guy up,
then they do this.

So it was like a pressure cooker,
"Boooo! you aint gonna get your money"
while the guys hanging there,
with bills to pay,
and only $1000 in his account.

This is absolutely ruthless.
I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
Brewster responds by shaking his head.

Jess 'So you're saying,
this last episode is a replay,
that's what they're tryin to make happen now?
Brewster 'Or at least that's what they're hopin for.

Jess 'By starving im out financially?
essentially trying to proliferate
what they assumed was a major attack
last September 23rd?
They're trying to proliferate the effect?
Brewster 'That explains
all those coherency checks recently, don't it.
Jess 'Huh?
Brewster 'I'll explain later.

Jess 'This is unbelievable,
not only trying to repeat an atrocity,
but trying to proliferate it.
Brewster 'Only because DT wrote about it,
on his website.
Jess 'huh?
Jess 'Last March 21st'

Jess 'I can't believe this,
they scour the guys website,
lookin for weaknesses,
to better attack the guy?
Brewster 'Or at least that's what they're hopin for.
Jess 'These people are sick.
So they commit atrocity once,
and like callous machines,
they're tryin to do it again?

How could anybody get away with this stuff,
in the United States of America.
Brewster 'Secret warfare,
perfected over the decades, to fight the Soviets,
and now we're doin this stuff to citizens like DT.

Jess 'For free speech?
protected by the first and fouteenth amendments.
Brewster 'Only if you could prove it,
the obstruction that is.

Jess 'Obstruction?
This is atrocity.
Excluding a citizen from the system
simply because of his journalism?

Without dissenting opinion,
without a dissenting voice,
then what are we?