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and the characters are fictional)

May 1, 2005
The Chesapeake Bay

Brendon and Brewster
are sailing the Boss's fast schooner
through the choppy somewhat turbalent waters
of the Atlantic
barely maintaining their balance
trying to maintain control of the craft.

Brendon 'We better turn in,
it's already gettin dark.
Brewster 'Come on, it aint that dark,
we still got another hour.
Brendon 'Alright then,
but the Boss wanted it back 2 hours ago.
Brewster 'Ah, who cares.

After a short silence Brewster says
By the way,
how'd it go in there yesterday?
Brendon 'You mean the Boss?
The guy has tunnel vision,
I'm tellin ya.
One track mind,
my way or the highway.

Brewster 'So it doesn't look like he'll relent.
Brendon shakes his head saying
Probably not.
After a short silence Brewster says
I'm just curious,
when exactly did DT get the mortgage notice
on his door?
Brendon 'An hour after they stopped his research,
with sleeping gas.

Brewster 'Talk about perfect timing.
Brendon 'Talk about obvious punishment.
Brewster 'What was he researching?
Brendon 'The case for war.
He was gettin ready to publish a report on the matter.

Brewster 'Again?
Brendon 'Huh?
Brewster 'The last time
he was researching the case for war,
they tried to incarcerate the guy.

Brendon 'When?
Brewster 'Last September,
September 9th to be exact,

Brendon 'Oh. yeah, I remember now,
the research ended up
in that scathing October 4th critique.
DT just don't quit does he.

Brewster 'You have to admit,
it's a controversial topic.
Congress hasn't even bothered to further
the investigation.
Brendon 'On what?

Brewster 'On why war was waged based on a false premise.
Brendon 'You mean falsely claiming IRAQ had unconventional weapons.
You mean the Presidential investigation wasn't enough?
Brewster 'It was a limited probe,
the white house was off limits remember.

Brendon 'Hmmmmm, interesting,
even after allegations of possible involvement,
in shaping the intelligence.
Brewster gives Brendon a sharp look
and shakes his head saying

You don't wanna go there buddy, trust me.

Brendon 'But but it's so tyrannical,
don't you think.
Brewster raises his tone in a sharp rebuke
Yeah, if there was evidence!

Brendon immediately retorts
That's what investigations are for!
Don't you think!
Or have you forgotten that this is still a Democracy,
bound by the rule of law!
and the constitution!

Brewster shakes his head in response,
then looks at Brendon directly,
and lowers his tone saying

Look at DT, look at what they're doin to the guy,
breaking virtually every rule in the book,
just to silence the guy.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
doesn't even apply to the guy.

Brendon looks at Brewster
waiting for im to continue.

Brewster 'Does it look like these people
give a dam about the rule of law.
Brendon 'Well I sure give a dam.
Somebody has to be held accountable for something.

Look at Clinton for crying out loud,
he was impeached for lying about a sexual affair.

Brewster remains silent for a few seconds
then looks at Brendon and says

Come on Brendon,
what's this really about?
You're perturbed about something else,
aint you.
Brendon remains silent and doesn't respond.

After a few seconds Brewster says
It's your buddies at Langley aint it.
Brendon 'I don't know what you're talkin about.

Brewster 'The hatchet man shows up,
and fires 20 top spy masters.

I'm talking about people with years of training,
in the clandestine arts,
steeped in tradition and protocol,
who typically march to the beat of a different drummer,

and for good reason.
Their agenda is usually set,
before each short term politician
shows up and does his thing for 4 years
then leaves.

Typically they're the teachers
and not the other way around.

Brendon finally responds
How'd you know?
You read right through me didn't you.
Brewster nods in response

then says
'I know what you're thinking.
You think it was part of a cover up, don't you?
Firing all those insiders,
those potential whistle blowers,

just in case somebody decides
to do a real investigation,
with an outside prosecutor.

Brendon 'Well, the timing is suspect don't you think?

The agency gets a new director,
and bam people are dismissed,
right before the report comes out
on the wmd thing.

Brewster 'You mean the inquiry
on why most of the evidence
was faulty or skewed
in the case for war.

That's why you want a deeper investigation,
because you think some of these boys
were unwitting participants,
simply used, then gotten rid of.

And it's perfect timing,
right after all these 9-11 investigations,
because the American people
are probably thinking,
well look at that,
somtins finally being done,

the intelligence community
is finally being over hauled,
like the 9-11 commission wanted.

Yet the boys who got the axe,
were simply doing what they were told.

Brendon 'So you know then.
You know this goes much higher.
Brewster 'Of course it does.
But where it stops, nobody knows.

These people were dedicated career officers,
and here they have to take the fall,
to cover somebodys ass.

These guys could of passed on their expertise
to the next generation of spy masters,
but noooo, they're gone just like that.
So you tell me,
are we helping, or hurting
the intelligence community,
by getting rid of
all this expertise and know how?

Brendon 'So why do you suppose
the new director
asked the Inspector General
to defer final judgement
on holding people accountable,

to an internal panel, the ARB,
then turns around and fires
the guy who runs the ARB.

Brewster 'Maybe because he knew
the intel failures
wasn't entirely their fault.

Brendon 'So we're talkin about a conspiracy then.
Brewster 'Of course we are,
what do you think I've tellin you
the last 10 minutes.

Brendon 'Why do you suppose
the wmd investigation
revealed their findings On March 31st.
Brewster 'I don't know,
what was March 31st?

Brendon 'That was the day
the bigger headlines came out,
with Sciavo dying of starvation that day,
and the pope getting a feeding tube, and near death.

Brewster 'Sounds more than coincidence don't it.
Then again the news networks
didn't have to debate the findings,
from the wmd investigation,
since they were tied up 24/7
with the other news.