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and the characters are fictional)

February 1, 2006
The Arizona Desert

It's a chilly crisp wednesday morning, at 39 degrees,
with a slight northwesterly breeze.

DT is busily whaling away on a punching bag,
dressed in a ninja style outfit,
with fists flying seemingly every which way
with amazing speed and grace.

Meanwhile three agents watch intently,
with a birds eye view of a sizable estate.

Sharky 'I don't know how he does it,
brain violence at night,
and he gets up like nothing happened.
Cory 'Brain violence?
Dredge 'You haven't heard?
The guys been on a memory wipe program since he got here,
almost 3 months ago.

Sharky shakes his head saying
The guys brain should be hamburger meat by now.
Cory 'So what's with the memory wipes?
Sharky 'Ordered by the ######### himself.
Cory 'Come on dude, it goes that high?

Dredge 'You don't know this guy,
he knows stuff that could destroy political careers,
and even send some of the perpetrators to prison,
including the ######### himself.

Cory looks at Dredge a little puzzled and says 'Perpetrators?
Sharky 'They virtually ordered capital punishment against the guy,
covertly of course.
Cory 'Say what?
Dredge 'Covert Capital punishment,
you didn't know the ######### could do this, did you?
against the most notorious enemies of the state so to speak,
those who are untouchable through conventionable means.

Cory 'So to speak?
Sharky 'Well, tell im Dredge.
Dredge looks at sharky then says
We live under a shadow #########.

Cory bursts out in uncontrollable laughter.
Almost instantly DT pauses his routine, looks around,
then continues his workout, with shadow karate.

Dredge continues with the seriousness of the matter and says
A great and powerful secret society,
with at least 140 years in the making,
has taken over the #########, surreptitiously of course,
and, are you ready for this,
the #########, and the ##, are standing members.

Cory pauses a few seconds, then says in a concessionary manner
You guys are serious.
Sharky 'Take a look at the year 2000 election map.
The red states graphically give the thumbs down.
Cory 'Come on dude, the 2000 election was rigged?

Sharky 'The term thousand, in 2000, is symbolic.
Within the ***, you have Grand this, grand that, grand wizard, etc.
Cory still with a disbelieving tone says
The ###? They're the traitors?
Dredge 'They're a branch of the great secret society,
a society that wrecks havoc throughout the world on a regular basis.

Cory 'This is too difficult to fathom.
The election was rigged? What about 2004?
What about, how long? how long have we been under their control?
Sharky 'Decades, at least since the great stock market crash of 1929'
Cory 'Come on dudes, what is this, April fools day?

Sharky continues 'The 29 crash was essentially a redistribution of wealth,
and the emergence of a new regime, surreptitiously of course.

Cory 'So uh, DT, when you said he was an enemy of the state, so to speak,
you meant, .
Sharky 'The shadow ##########, the people really calling the shots.
for decades they've secretly ordered the execution, of even the most innocent,
simply because they posed a threat to the regime, or crossed these criminals,
for one reason or another.
In essence we have a criminal regime, and nobody knows it,
at least not the general populace.

When you have a standing ######### promoting the stock value of energy companies his first year,
who soon start going under, then you know somtins fishy.
When you have a record of at least 300 billion dollars in corporate bankruptcys,
from 2001 through 2002, with CEO's cooking the books and embezzling millions,
while the SEC looked the other way, you know somtins fishy.

After a pause in the lingo, Cory says
So you say, somebody ordered a version of capital punishment?
Sharky 'They were trying to drive the guy nuts.
Cory 'woooe, they could do that?
They actually have the knowhow to do that to people?

Sharky 'Hey a secret regime, with criminal intentions, always,
anythings possible.

For decades, innocent bystanders, unbeknownst to them, covertly,
and with the greatest of secrecy, have been experimented on,
just for the sake of the operation.
Cory 'I'm almost afraid to ask, what operation?
Sharky 'Are you ready for this, genocide.

Cory 'Come on man, how come nobody knows about this?
In the United States of America?
Sharky simply looks at Cory.
Cory 'This is unfathomable dudes,
The ######### ordered this?
Dredge 'The shop can't do anything without the #########'s approval.

Cory looks at Sharky as if for an explanation.
Dredge 'They do it chemically and psychologically.
The idea is to overload the targets brain,
and this is no understatement. They literally do this.
The chemicals and drugs and sleep deprivation, weaken the target
making im susceptible to psychological attack.

But don't let this simple explanation fool you.
It took decades of experimentation to be able to perfect this craft.
When I say psy attack, I'm talkin about a pandora's box
of everything evil imaginable, unleashed all at once, and unrelenting without mercy.
I'm talkin about a clandestine secret army, that run around doing this to people,
secretly, covertly, and leaving a trail of little or no evidence.

Cory looks over at DT, doing his Karate routines, and says
So him, they did that to him.
Sharky 'Let me tell you somtin
The shop has this gas, this chemical, that literally attacks the brain,
makes you feel like you're losing it,
because it it literally suffocates the mental process.

Cory 'You mean like carbon monoxide?
Sharky 'Perhaps. Then again I never had carbon monoxide poisoning.
Dredge 'Let me put it this way.
No person, has lasted more than a few weeks,
when hit with the intensity they hit DT with.
But DT, lasted a whole year, under this form of attack.

After this, they ended up ordering financial oblivion.
Cory 'You mean homelessness?
Sharky 'That was the intent, but with a twist.
Cory looks back intently.
Dredge continues 'The idea was to wipe his memory first.
The last thing they would want is the guy running around like a nomad,
with all that dangerous information in his head.

Tuesday morning, February 7, 2006
The Arizona Desert

A sense of springtime is in the air,
despite a chilly 42 degrees,
as the desert wildlife gradually springs to life,
as if to the tune of the desert sun,
as it gradually peeks over the mountains in the distance.

Cory looks at DT going at it with some situps
in the driveway of a sizable garage,
attached beneath a sizable estate, on a one acre lot,
then says shaking his head

That hardly looks like homelessness to me,
or even the verge of being homeless'.

Sharky 'His Bro could kick the guy out at any time.
Cory 'Yeah, like that's an option.
Dredge 'You obviously don't know the power of the secret society,
or it hasn't sunk in yet.
They control DT's Bro.
Otherwise how do you think,
they're giving DT memory wipes at will,
like the henchmen have a key to the house or somtin.

Sharky 'DT doesn't even have a key to the house,
and he's been there almost 3 months,
and that's his closest relative.
Cory 'How so?
Sharky 'They grew up together, for 25 whole years,
went to the same university together,
started working for the same company.

Cory 'That's almost contradictory.
So now he's letting complete strangers
do violence to his brothers brain,
on a nightly basis?
If that's what you call a close bro,
then Webster should change the definition.

Sharky looks at Cory and says
Or rather his once close bro.
Cory 'Once close? How do you reverse a 25 year bro relationship?
Something earth shaking must've happened between the two.

Sharky continues 'The shirts think he was brain washed.
In fact the shop probably anticipated this whole scenario
decades ago, before DT's bro even moved to Arizona,
in the 80's.
Cory 'Brainwashed? Dam'

Dredge 'In fact, there are those who think,
the society shook DT's bro up a bit,
with their oblivion operation.
Sharky 'You mean a measured dose of the crazy gas?
for a certain length of time, plus the psy war?
Dredge nods in acknowlegdement.
Cory 'Dam, why?

Dredge 'Apparently it's easier to brainwash somebody,
to manipulate, get somebody to do your bidding,
once they corral you into a certain subjugated mental state.
Cory 'That would definitely explain a reversal
of a 25 year bro relationship. This is like unbelievable stuff.

After a short pause, Cory continues
Wait a minute, they did this when?
Sharky 'Like I said, the early 80's.
The great secret society, the master planners,
who have been doing unspeakable horrors to people,
since since a very long time,
probably anticipated the whole sequence of events.

They snatch DT from mainstream society,
to use and abuse, for experimentation purposes,
and simultaneously knowing the probable outcome,
since after all, they probably did this before, to others,
they surreptitiously turn DT's family against im,
you know, using the full propaganda powers of the federal #########,

leaving DT an escape hatch, or so he thinks, his closest bro.
Cory 'So it's like a trap, 25 years later.
Sharky 'Exactly so.
By the winter of 2005, the society already has DT's bro
ready to do their bidding,
DT flees Los Angeles to escape homelessness,
flees to Arizona,
where the shops ready and waiting to finish the program,
by wiping DT's memory, or incarcerate,
which was the intent in 2004, and 2005.

Cory 'So there were other options then, to finish the program.
Sharky 'The shop always has a range of alternatives,
in case of failure. If one thing doesn't work, they'll just try something else.
The bottom line, is to cover up a 30 year crime, against humanity, to say the least.

Cory '30 year crime?.
Sharky '30 years ago was when it all started,
the grand experiment, so to speak,
when DT got his first taste of the shops chemical warfare,
and the rest is history.

Dredge '1975, hmmmmm, right after Nixon resigned from office.
Sharky 'And the year, the great society, unleashed a new regime,
but that's another story.
The new regime wasn't fully realized until the 39th #########.
The numbers three and nine, are symbolically significant.
It has to do with the south losing the civil war,
and an unbelievably long drawn out, protracted,
act of vengeance.
Before Cory could say anything,Dredge says
The story you really wanna hear,
is how the shop uses the media, to drive people nuts.
Cory 'Come on guys,
now that's a little hard to imagine.

Sharky 'You're just a youth Cory,
the society has made this an evil world.
They've been doing unspeakable horrors to people for a very long time.
Cory 'But DT, now that's an unspeakable horror,
what they did to him, that is.
You say they used and abused im for 30 years?

Sharky 'Did unspeakable horrors to the guy,
and that my friend is an understatement.
Dredge 'That's why they have to wipe his memory,
so he can't write about it.

Sharky 'Especially after he put up a tell all website.
He was just starting to come into his own as a writer, in 2004,
and bam! the ######### orders mental oblivion.
Cory 'You mean the #########s covert version of capital punishment,
for trying to write?

Sharky 'By 2004 DT was also a political pundit,
since after all, he now knew who was really in charge,
who was really running the #########, and man did this guy write.
Some say he was the only real newspaper in existence.

Cory 'Come on now.
Sharky 'No, really, he had the inside track on everything,
and that just threw everything into perspective.
The other newspapers, well, everybody knows, they're corporate owned,
and march to the beat of the corporate drummer.

So there was DT, critiquing this, critiquing that,
doing write ups on the Case for War, Social security, The CIA spy case,
9-11, and it was all bad, as far as the ######### was concerned.

It was like "I want this idiot stopped!" especially after he started writing
how we destroyed a sovereign state based on an intentionally false premise,
an impeachable offense.
Then, when the 9-11 hearings hit, in March 2004,
there was DT taking detailed notes, reading all the papers,
and bam! he's stopped cold with the oblivion operation,
the chemicals that are surely banned by the Geneva convention,
and this guy's a US citizen for crying out loud!
Can you believe it! I surely can't!
Dredge 'I can't either, and I know all this stuff.
Cory 'I surely don't.

Sharky 'By 2005, still reeling from the shops
chemical and psychological warfare,
there was DT facing financial oblivion.
Cory 'He couldn't get a job?
Sharky 'You guessed it.
The shop had the guy under communications quarantine,
just like they do now.

Cory 'ok, What's, a quarantine?
Over here it seems possible,
but in 2005 DT was in L.A.
Sharky 'Cory Cory, this is the society we're talkin about.
Haven't you heard anything I've said?
There's no limit to what these guys could do,
at least not by my standards.
Cory 'Well I have different standards then you.
Dredge 'Come on guys, these people are like predators.

Cory 'So the 9-11 hearings was the last straw?
Sharky 'Let me put it this way,
the shop knew they had to shut this guy up,
sooner or later, and what better time then now.

Cory 'So that's what you meant by incarceration? earlier.
Sharky 'Exactly.
That's what the chemicals do to you, they screw up your brain.
Bear in mind, they were also pumping drugs
directly into DT's brain at night,
while he slept of course.
And, they were contaminating his food,
switching his vitamins, stuff like that,
and yes they were hoping all this
would screw the guy up so bad,
that incarceration would be the logical alternative.
At least that's how they've typcally incarcerated people
in the past.

Dredge 'Believe or not,
they had the guy reeling with this atrocity,
the rest of the year, the next 9 months.
Cory 'You mean right after the 9-11 hearings.
Sharky 'And I guess for good measure,
since DT had also written in years past, that the society did 9-11,
as the excuse to wage war, and stage all those corporate bankruptcys
in 2001 and 2002.
We're talking billions of dollars yanked from the small time investers
across America, because of all these corporations going under.

Cory 'Dam it! How could all this be true?
This is like the Wizard of Oz or something,
like a mythical land, or a warped dimension of of time.
Dredge looks at Cory, but doesn't say anything.
Cory 'I mean really, you guys are too much.
Somebody mentions DT, and suddenly we're in another universe.

Dredge 'That's because the great and powerful secret society
doesn't exist to most people.

We're giving you a bird's eye view
to something fantastic and scary at the same time.
Cory 'Thanks but no thanks.
Sharky 'Hey you signed up, to serve god and country
and now you're doin it.
Cory 'I feel like a time cop or something.

Dredge 'By the way, the ######### puffed his cheeks at 1036 this mornin.
Cory 'What?
Dredge 'Right after DT tuned in,
to the coverage of the Loretta Scott King funeral,
on CNN headline news, channel 32.
It was right after he leaned to his right,
to get a closer look.

Cory 'So what.
Dredge 'You know the shop, they're always communicating symbolically.
The last time this happened,
DT was slammed into chemical hell.

Cory 'When was this?
Dredge 'You know, the 9-11 hearings, March of 2004.
It was the CIA director I believe, who did the same thing,
in a ###### event on national television,
then the next month, DT gets it, stopped cold.

After a few seconds, Cory says 'So what're you saying,
the shop communicated symbolically on national television?
and the rest of America had no idea it meant something?
Dredge 'It was even on the front page of the LA Times, I believe,
or was it the New York Times?

One other note.
The shop tried to electrocute DT
the day after he started up this last website report last week.
Cory looks at Dredge a couple seconds as if ready to speak,
then Dredge says
'And get this,
the day before he was almost electrocuted,
DT got an email entitled,
"Should the state be allowed to execute [DT]".
Sharky 'Come on dude, that's like a death threat,
the day before the shop almost electrocutes the guy.

Dredge looks at Cory and says Oh, and the shop is fearless of the law here, in Arizona,
for some reason.
Sharky 'Hence the reason both Bro's were coralled in Arizona,
first DT's bro, with plenty of time to work im over,
and manipulate the guy, in anticipation of DT.

Cory 'Man this sounds bizarre.
Like I said, mention DT, and immediately we're in another universe.
Dredge looks at Cory and continues
Then the day after DT started up this last web report, a week ago,
The Kuma Sutra virus was reported on CNN Headline news.
Sharky 'What?

Dredge 'As an email attachment, you open it up,
and it eats up your files.
Sharky 'That's the way DT use to do business,
send out emails to people, before he had the website.
Dredge 'And coincidentally, with no website to work with,
that's his only option, sending out attachments.
Cory 'What website?
Sharky 'Stilldigging.com. It's down. DT can't even afford the low monthly fee.

Thursday morning, February 9, 2006
The Arizona Desert

Another brisk cool morning at 43 degrees,
DT's doing his karate routine,
as if sparring with phantom partners.

Sharky 'Dam look at that.
A little special effects on camera,
and we've got a karate movie.
Cory chuckles saying 'like hardly.

Suddenly Cory says 'wooe what was that?
Sharky looks over at DT then says
Looks like he's blocking a flurry of phantom arrows.
Dredge 'It's funny you should mention that.
Cory 'Why's that?

Dredge hesitates, then turns and looks at Cory a couple seconds,
then looks away saying
'I don't know if I should be telling you this,
but DT knows who did the JFK thing.
Cory 'The assassination? Come on, nobody knows that.
At least nobody living.
Sharky 'The guy knows Cory, he really does.

After a few seconds of silence, Cory looks at Sharky,
then says
'That's why we're here isn't it?
42 years later, that's why we're here.
Dredge 'It's funny you should mention that.
Cory getting a little spooked says
OK what? what did I say?

Sharky 'The number 42, it's symbolic.
Cory puts out his hands, then says
Ok, wait, wait, you wanna tell me what the arrows mean first.
What do quote unquote arrows, have to do with the assassination.

Sharky 'The 9th sign of the zodiac, the archer,
starts on November 21st.
Dredge 'I thought it was November 22nd,
the day of the assassination.
Sharky 'The reason the *** might of chosen the 9th sign...
Cory 'The ***?
Dredge 'Yeah, we mentioned them before, remember.

Sharky 'The reason they possibly chose the 9th sign,
is because General Lee, isued general order, number 9,
right after he surrendered at Appomattix.
Cory 'Come on guys, that was over a century ago.

Sharky 'So Lee, exits the court house,
stops, looks around, then palms his fist 3 times.
Dredge 'You mean he pumped his fist 3 times.
Sharky 'In any respect, it was a symbolic gesture,
initiating one of the most prolific
guerilla warfare campaigns in history.

Dredge 'That's why we use the trinity symbol today,
for the nuclear age.
Cory 'The Trinity symbol.
Sharky 'It means something like
"we destroy in order to rebuild",
which, in a way coincides with the theme
under which the *** was formed
"To avenge the Yankee government of reconstruction".

Which sort of suggests the attitude toward
Andrew Johnson's Amnesty proclamation,
and why JFK was slaughtered like a symbolic lamb.

Cory, as if confused says
Andrew Johnson? JFK?
Sharky 'We're talking about matching dates here.
Johnsons proclamation was on 5-29-1865,
and JFK was born on the 52nd anniversary, in 1917.

Cory doesn't say anything, and sits there shaking his head.
Sharky 'What, you don't believe us Cory.
Cory 'Do you guys really expect me too? come on.

Sharky 'Cory, listen to me, listen to me closely.
The society is run by a bunch of nuts.
If we don't stop these guys, worse things will happen,
worse than the JFK hit, worse than 9-11.

Dredge 'so, the number three, is now symbolic.
Cory 'Three? Where do you get three from?
Dredge 'The trinity symbol, has 3 sections.
Sharky 'And, officially, three shots were fired at JFK,
and he was 3 years in office,
and last but not least,
his 3rd child dies, shortly before he's publicly executed.
And get this, the child was conceived
on the 98th anniversary of the Lincoln assassination.
Cory simply nods
as if trying to sort out and comprehend everything.

Dredge 'It's all tied in Cory,
the Civil war, the Lincoln assassination,
the yankee government of recontruction,
Johnson's offer of Amnesty to the southern states,
General lee, and a protracted act of vengeance,
which still lives to this day.

Dredge 'But the big symbolism,
is the fact that JFK was born
on the 3rd sign of the zodiac, the 9th day.

Cory 'Which was....
Dredge 'May 29th, 1917, Sharky just finished telling you that,
the 52nd anniversary of Andrew Johnson's amnesty proclamation.
Cory sits back shaking his head again,
a couple seconds go by, then he says

alright alright, so you guys are telling me,
that JFK, just so happens, just so happens mind you,
to be born on the 52nd anniversary, exactly,
and the same day, just so happens,
to be the 3rd sign of the zodiac, on the 9th day,
which just so happens, to coincide,
with Lee pumping his fist 3 times,
and issuing General order number nine.

Sharky 'I know what you're thinking,
how could anybody possibly time such a coincidence?
Dredge 'Maybe it was random choice,
it just turned out that way.
If not that coincidence, the perpetrators
probably would've found something else.

Sharky 'Then again, JFK JR was born 17 days
after JFK was elected, and JFK was born in 1917.
Cory 'What?
Sharky 'Nothing, just thought I'd mention it'.
I also just mentioned the 98th anniversary of the Lincoln assassination,
and the conception of JFK's 3rd kid".

Cory 'I'm sensing symbolic retaliation here.
Sharky 'Now you're gettin it'.
Sharky turns to Dredge and says
See, I knew this kid would come around.
Dredge 'See kid, Like a message echoing through the ages,
"this is why we rule".

Cory 'Say what?
Sharky 'Come on Cory, the secret society, runs everything, now.
Dredge 'And even more riveting, Cory, is the military time of 1300.
That was when JFK was pronounced dead at Parkland hospital,
and that was the time Lee surrendered at Appomattix,
and, there's even more.

1300 or 1pm, coincides with the 9th sign of the zodiac,
which is the sign under which JFK was hit,
and like I said, Lee issued general order number nine,
right after he surrendered at Appomattix.

Cory 'So if I hear you correctly,
you guys are saying, this is more than just coincidence.
Sharky 'Sure looks that way.
Cory 'So you think the *** actually did the deed.
That is truely amazing, considering the fact,
everybody else in the book was suspected at one time or another,
except the ***.

After a minute of silence, Cory continues
I'm just curious,
If the great and all powerful secret society truely exists,
how could they even think,
Cory with more emphasis continues
How could they even think!
they could yank a guy like DT,
out of mainstream society,
and use him for experimental purposes?
in this blessed land of ours,
the United States of America.

Both Sharky and Dredge just look at Cory,
but don't say a word.
Then Dredge says
'It's called slavery Cory.
You know, the big issue,
that presumably caused a bloody civil war,
140 years ago.
Cory looks at Dredge,
then Dredge continues
'Out and out slavery.
Meet your masters Cory.