(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

November 30th, 2020
1200 NOON at the mess hall

Billy gulping down turkey leftovers, mutters
'got Tony good didn we?.
Boss 'You stupid idiot.
he he he he ssssstill walkin aroun.
belch! Buuuurp!
'ouuuu man, dat spicey chicken wings

Billy 'I tot we was juss gonna scare im.
Swenson 'whatd you guyz do this time?
If its not one ting its another'
Last time you were beating his brain to a pulp.
Boss 'hee heee heee'

Billy 'The boss tried to kill Tonys engine'
Jackson 'Again! You tried to kill it last January.
That wooda put im on the streets in time for the Pandemic.
Billy 'with us around he wooda bin dead carnitas
Dred suddenly shows up with his tray full a pie and ice cream
'whachoo guyz talking about?

Billy continues 'you shooda seen Tony, shaking and stuff
Jackson 'It was hypertermia you nut
You tink he was shaking becoz he was scared?
Dred 'Awight lets take it from the top a the mountain
Boss 'We got the sucka back
Billy 'that's protocol, Tony strikes and we strike back
Dred 'What'd he do?

Jackson 'He rote scathing details on Trumps disastrous run
as president, and his lackluster performance during the Pandemic
Swenson bursts out in lafter 'You tagged Tony for dat!
The last I herd, its free speech
Billy 'not in my Empire, nothins free'
Jackson 'you Tyrannist

Boss slams his fist on the table 'Little sucka no too much!
Jackson 'its not his falt, he can reed the newspaper.
In a Tyranny theres never freedom of the press
Boss 'dere jou go, I west my case

Dred 'Trumps no dummy, I say it was intentional
Boss 'Little sucka shudup! Dat wha got TTTTTTTTTTTony
in twubble.
Billy 'But the real kicker that got the SS ouda whack
was the 9.12 rite up on Tonys website'
Dred 'on what?

Billy 'I tink it was "The Bad Role Model",
where Tony delves into the number 4,
how it means the tumbs down and stuff,
and how trump was always smirking like the Grinch,
giving the thumbs up, during the 2016 campane..

Jackson 'uh huh! Thats why the SS always strikes
during the holidays.
In 2017 the SS tride to run Tonys van into the lake
rite before Christmas.
In 2018, the SS stranded Tony for tanksgivin.
Then taday, the SS tried to kill Tonys van (his home), in time for Christmas.
Dred 'how?

Billy 'the SS rigged the water pump.
Shut that off and yor engine goze quickly,
if yor stupid enuff to drive around, ignoring the steam.
Jackson 'howeva, since that wood be hard to xplane
Dred 'what?
Jackson 'water pumps usually leak when bad.
I have never seen a pump suddenly stop working'

'so's anyhow, the SS had access to the van for 4 hours,
on Sunday nite'
When Tony gotup and started it up the next morn,
his dash lit up like a pinball machine. I mean
everyting was bad, his power steering, his alternator,
his engine lite, you name it.
Boss 'Heee heee heee, little sucka musta bin weal confuze
Dred 'thats crazy dude' whatd they do?

Billy 'screwed up one of the belts
Swenson bursts out in lafter 'Thats too simple dude
Billy 'it created the excuse for a bad water pump

Swenson 'What doze this have to do with the number 4?
Boss 'you stupid idiot' it appen on the 30th
Swenson 'clue me in Einstein
Boss 'shuddup sucka!

Billy 'The 4th sign (the SS are nuts on Astrology like Hitler was).
The 4th sign is the number 6 on the clock
(also the number 30, also the down arrow, symbolic for the thumbs down).
JFK was shot at 1230. A world helth emergency was declared on 1.30
the group was silent for 5 seconds, as if to comprehend

Billy 'Also The SS started retaliating
the day after Biden was declared the victor on 11.7,
beating up on Tonys van, to the tune of 300 somtin bucks
(alotta mone for a homeless guy'
Swenson shakes his hed 'they took it out on Tony?

Billy 'Obviously his journalism is considered a thret for some reason
Especially Tonys ritings on Trumps performance,
for example "He let it Happen Part I" written 10.22.
Tony rites
He took out Americas first line of defense,
then instigated the C19 invasion,
then stepped aside and let it happen,
then boasted about his performance.
Senson stares back

Jackson 'listen Swenson, these peeple are crazy,
so anythings possible. Hitler actually tot he cood win

Billy 'Rite before election day,
they tried to wack Tony, inside the supermarket.
Coincidentally with no sleep, no food, he was an easy target.
They also created the excuse, the nite before.

Then the day after the election, they tried again.
This time they assalted a vital area twice (before the hit),
once by laser, then later by MKU
(they shut him off, got in, assalted the same area),
weakening im for the hit.

Two days later, they showed intent to kidnap the guy
Jackson 'Plus after the 11.14 comments,
on why Trump was obstructing the government,
they now have a 24 hour freeze, on any page updates,
so the SS cood authorize the updates.