(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

October 20th, 2021
The Belgiun Congo, temperature at 101 degrees,
as a mist pours over the lofty rain forrest,
as the chirps buzzing, and growls of the jungle below,
echo up the 1000 foot drop.
Buzz and jigsaw slowly glide down to the edge of the plateau,
behind a group of trees shielding their arrival,
from a seal team in training.

Dirk shouts out orders to the recruits
This will be a live ammo exercise!
yor M82's must be locked and loaded!
PLease do so now!

Recruit1 whispers There's nobody here,
who we gonna shoot at?

Dirk A convoy will be cirling the narrow ridge below,
in exactly 15 minutes.
You must destroy the cargo.
Your M82's can take out an engine, it can penetrate armored vehicles,
it can penetrate a block wall.
Nothing can stop you!
Is that clear!
Recruits 'yes sir!'

Recruit4 whispers 'not even the king of beasts?
Dirk You will do a free fall
until you are 50 meters above the convoy.
Then pull the rip cord and and guide the chute to yor target.
Line up!

The Recruits get reddy to jump
Dirk 'GO! GO! GO! GO! ............'

After the last jumper, Jigsaw grabs Dirk in a choke hold
Dirk is alreddy laffing, breaks free and says
'I knew you guys were there'
'gimme the newz'

Jigsaw 'Yor uncle opened the vault.
Dirk 'Oh sh.....'
Jigsaw 'In his own words, he sed he saw hell itself.
Dirk 'Oh my......'

Buzz 'DT was looking at everyting,
The Civil War, the 3 panics, The Titanic,
Dirk 'the panics?'
Buzz 'There were 3 panics that ransacked the economy,
the 3rd panic was the clincher.
That was the 1929 wall street crash.
Dirk 'Oh sh.....'

Buzz 'JFK was threttened on the 34the anniversary,
then he was shot 9 days later.
Plus his wife was age 34, and JFK was president 34 months.

His dad got rich on the 3rd panic,
and in 1934 he ratted on his fellow swindlers,
as SEC chairman, under FDR.

Dirk 'ratted, like betrayal? and JFK was shot in the throat.
'oh sh.....' his dad got rich? on number 3.
Buzz '3 shots rang out in Dallas'
In 1963 Dallas was known as 'the City of hate'.

Jigsaw 'DT suspects the number 3, goes back to the Civil war'
At exactly 3 pm (1500 military time), General Lee (on his way out),
turns (at the top of the stairs), looks at Grant,
and claps his hands 3 times, then leaves'.
5 nites later Lincoln is shot during the 3rd act.

Dirk '1500 died on the Titanic'
'about the number 34, Standard Oil was split into 34 pieces,
in 1911.'