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Subject G41 20020207

February 7, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

JASON 'So how long has goose been living out of a gas mask?'
FIRD 'About a couple years'
JASON '2 years! What'ya kidding me?'
FIRD 'off and on'
JASON 'huh?'
FIRD 'the shop turned his home into a chemical torture chamber a couple years ago'
JASON 'how so'

FIRD 'you know, the typical punishment for allot a citizen's'
'the good ol lung gas'
JASON 'lung gas?'

FIRD 'the gas that gets in the lungs and makes it hard to breath'
'the usual diagnosis is asthma'

JASON 'asthma? hard to breath? that sounds so cruel and unusual'
'2 years of this stuff, that's insane'

FIRD 'tell that to the BOSS'
JASON 'after all the atrocities they put this subject through, I can't'
'believe they're still torturing this guy like this'

FIRD 'hey once a guinea pig, always a guinea pig'
'once they yank em out of mainstream society it's like going to the'

JASON 'the Galleys?'

FIRD 'you know, like during the time of the Romans, or better yet,'
'during the time of King Ferdinand and the Spanish Inquisition,'
'when heritics were sent off to the Galleys to serve as slaves'

JASON 'unbelievable, I still can't believe how the shop gets away with stuff'
'like this, that's like snubbing America and all it stands for'

FIRD 'well a couple decades ago this world use to be a mean and nasty place'

JASON 'you mean the cold war'
'that still doesnt justify guinea pigs, even back then it wasn't justified'

FIRD 'well you have to admit, it does serve a purpose'
'before you jump to conclusions, you first have to look at the history here'

JASON 'spare me the history, you're going to say that world war 2 had such a'
'cataclysmic effect on mainstream America, that paranoia ran rampant for the next'
'few decades, and that this same paranoia manifested itself into some of the most'
'insane and ruthless tactics in dealing with the enemy, ever devised by modern man'
'and as unfortunate as it may sound, modern America just won't be able to stomach this'

FIRD 'in so many words, yes, exactly'

JASON 'and this includes slavery, ordinary Americans into forced servitude, to serve '
'and knead this top secret operation, that even the president dont know about'

FIRD 'well according to the BOSS "it's a dirty yob but somebody gotta do it"'
JASON 'you're both nuts'
FIRD 'hey, I'm telling you what the BOSS said'
JASON 'the cold war ended with the collapse of the soviet union'

FIRD 'and you think we're just going to lay down our weapons and go home and '
'become farmers again? I'm sorry but things don't work that way'
'we won the war, and we got the most powerful weaponry on the planet, and I aint just '
'talkin nuclear warheads and guided missiles'
'maybe mainstream America don't know it, but we got the most powerful'
'covert warfare arsenal known to man, and that includes both chemical and psychological '

[out of nowhere the BOSS pops in with 2 MP's]

BOSS 'you dam wight an it gonna stay dat way, dam sucka's, juss cause duh cold war ova,
'dat don mean nuttin,we got the war on terrorism ta fight now'
'those dam enemies juss keep poppin up, dere aint no way we gonna stop nuttin!'
'you got dat! you sucka's stot talkin like dat, an befo you know it, duh enemy at '
'our front door! now ged back ta wook! all a ya! dam sucka's! you juss need mo stiff '
'ta do, dats whad you need'

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