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Subject G41 20020208

February 8, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

FIRD 'man the BOSS really let Goose have it last night, not to mention'
'this morning, and it's your fault for bringing the subject up'

JASON 'what are you talking about? you mean about Goose living out of a gas mask'
'what'ya mean it's my fault? what'd the BOSS do?'

FIRD 'what we talked about yesterday, the ruthless loon whaled on the guy with lung gas'
'Goose was wearing the gas mask 90% of the time last night'

JASON 'you mean in his sleep? that's absurd! why?'
FIRD 'because of what we talked about yesterday, the BOSS took it as expressing sympathy '
'for one of the subjects'

JASON 'that's insane, we're only human, unlike some of the hardened veterans who run the show'
FIRD 'you might say it lessens the spirit of the game'
JASON 'game? you call this a game? spirit of the game?'
FIRD 'it's the general attitude that they try to instill, you know militaristic'
'ruthless, callous, impervious, uncaring, unsympathetic, it's sort of like the'
Milgram experiment'

JASON 'Milgram? who was he?'
FIRD 'it was a psychological experiment conducted decades ago, about allegiance to authority'
'and the increased ability to carry out an order, the more the perpetrator is distanced '
'from the punishment, torture, pain and sufferring, or whatever the case may be'

JASON 'man the more I learn about this operation, the sicker I get'
FIRD 'hey you volunteered to serve god and country'
JASON 'I never volunteered for this'
FIRD 'in any respect you better watch your mouth'
JASON 'man, when you told me Goose was living out of a gas mask, I never suspected this,'
'this is so ruthlessly insane'
'how long has he been sleeping with a gas mask on?'

FIRD 'well, when it started back in April of 2000, it was a common occurrence'
'then 3 months later, when the shop crippled Goose in his sleep'

JASON 'wait, stop, crippled?'
FIRD 'that's what I said'

[JASON stares back for a few seconds as if shocked and revulsed at the same time]
JASON 'let's see if I got his right, the shop already had the guy under ruthless gas '
'torture, not to mention the torture of simply living out of a gas mask'
'yet they crippled the guy too? while he slept helplessly in bed?'

FIRD 'afraid so'

[JASON stares back with the same revulsed look]
FIRD 'I know, you wanna know why' 'I'll tell you later'
'so in 2000 it was a common occurence, sleeping with the mask on'
'I cant really give you the details, however DT logged everything down'

JASON 'this is top secret stuff, any journalist would jump on info like that'
FIRD 'then just last year around April, I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing the shop'
'reinvoked this level of torture, or rather generated the conditions where Goose '
'had no choice but to sleep with the mask on with increased frequency'

JASON 'what happened last April?'
FIRD 'I'll tell you later'
JASON 'man you could probably ramble on for days on this stuff'
FIRD 'I could write a book my friend, but the shop would never let me publish it'
'look at DT, the guy gets tortured practically anytime he expounds on the subject matter'
'with his own journalistic style'

JASON 'unbelievable, simply unbelievable'

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