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Subject G41 20020212

February 12, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[out in the field]

JASON 'so what's happenin with Goose'
FIRD 'what do you think, ruthless torture'
JASON 'what, just cause we talked about it'
FIRD 'yeah just cause we talked about it'
'now certain people know, now the BOSS is forced to cover his behind'

JASON 'so it's like a political game, and guess who has to suffer for it'
FIRD 'look we're talkin about serious stuff here, gassing a citizen is a big enough crime, let alone ruthlessly '
'torture the guy for two years'

JASON 'so what'ya saying? These certain people with enough authority to breath down the BOSS's back, '
'don't have the entire picture'

FIRD 'I told you, not even the president knows about the operation, it's top top secret'
'normally standard procedure is to keep this thing under wraps, but over the decades, things have leaked '

JASON 'so it's not really under wraps anymore'
FIRD 'sort of, the operation is still under wraps, but we still find ourselves trying to explain bits and pieces'
'without compromising the operation'

JASON 'like "why is this citizen frequently seen wearing a gas mask?" '
FIRD 'exactly, so the BOSS says "keep yor mouths shut boys, I tellin ya, one a you stots spoutin off an whacko"'
JASON 'he said whacko?'
FIRD 'words to that effect' 'in other words we still have to stick to the game plan'
JASON 'like how?'
FIRD 'if somebody on the outside see's a subject'
JASON 'so these outsiders know he's a subject? Or rather guinea pig?'
FIRD 'no no, the shop lives on half truths, lies, propaganda, false impressions, fabrications '
'a subject to an outsider is a bad guy, he did something wrong, has criminal intentions, is master minding '
'some terrible plot, so the shop has no choice but to keep an eye on im, and do all these bad things '
'to im, to keep im in line'

JASON 'but Goose is a nice guy, despite all the brain washing attempts'
FIRD 'yeah but don't you see, that's the only way the shop can justify the visual evidence of the operation'
'we got all these subjects that we test our secret warfare on, and sometimes things happen, and the shop'
'has to explain it off as something these outsiders can digest without exposing the operation'
'take Goose for example, the shop's subjected the guy to every chemical and psychological atrocity '
'imaginable, so naturally the guy seeks a remedy, the police ain't gonna believe im, so what does he do, '
'he get's a gas mask' 'so an outsider see's this, and naturally asks "hey what's goin on here?,"
" I thought you said he wasn't being gassed", and our response'

[FIRD looks at JASON as if expecting an answer]
JASON 'what?'
FIRD ' "oh, he just thinks he's being gassed" it's really asthma" '
JASON 'a typical fabrication, to justify the visual evidence'
'but there's inconsistencies everywhere, Goose only has the problem where the shop can gas the guy'
'by remote control, which is usually his home or his car '

FIRD 'but the shop already knows this, so they go into fabrication mode '
JASON 'huh'
FIRD 'they make something up, like "oh let's see, we gotta get Goose on video coughing in public"
"so let's see, he jogs allot, so we'll stake im out where he usually finishes up, and prime the area with "
"choking gas"

JASON 'how does that differ from lung gas? '
FIRD 'it's more vocal' 'one whiff and yor gagging and coughing violently on the spot'
'the visual effects are perfect if yor trying to convince an official that one of the boys the shop '
'has under surveillance has a perfectly explainable problem that they could live with, without being'
'concerned about constitutional violations, like Cruel and Unusual punishment'

JASON 'but this is Cruel and Unusual punishment'
FIRD 'but they don't know that, no Oversight Committee knows this, as far as the shop's concerned'
'if nobody knows, then it aint a crime.'

JASON 'unbelievable, in other words their actions are limited by their conscience only'
FIRD 'exactly, they could be as cruel and ruthless as they want, and there aint nothin nobody could do '
'about it'

JASON 'unbelievable' 'so what's the BOSS doin to the guy now?'
FIRD 'oh the usual, gassing him out of his home, either that or live out of the gas mask '
'at night it's even worse, so Goose has to sleep with the mask on all night'

JASON 'unbelievable' 'so this guy Goose, what's his history?'
FIRD 'you don't wanna know' 'usually they don't make it far enough to realize thay're being gassed
'or drugged, or experimented on, or brainwashed, or programmed, or implanted with sophisticated'
'technology' 'you wanna know about Goose? Talk to DT, he'll tell ya, every chemical and psychological
'atrocity known to man, they've done to Goose'

JASON 'and he still jogs? Almost sounds like an inconsistency'
FIRD 'that's one reason he's made it so far' 'believe me, the shops tried to stop that too'
JASON 'so what're you sayin? A guinea pig is only good for a few years, then "whacko"'
FIRD 'well, think about it, after awhile they just know too much, about some serious stuff, that the '
'the president don't even know about, so you figure it out'

JASON 'so Goose?'
FIRD 'a survivor' 'the shops tried everything to stop the guy from exercising, crippled the guy,
'dislodged joints, ligaments, ankles, staged accidents, then maintained the injury by repeatedly '
'whacking the guy while he slept helplessly in bed, kept yanking his legs apart ......'

JASON 'stop right there, I think I've heard enough for one day'

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