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Subject G42 20020404

April 4, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[out for a jog along monument park]

POWERS 'what'ya mean he's exceeded his professionalism'
FLETCH 'he's lost sight of the charter, of why the operation was created in the first place'
[POWERS stares back questioningly]
FLETCH 'especially with g42'
POWERS 'you mean Jack'
FLETCH 'just yesterday he used an elimination tactic reserved for our worst enemies'
[POWERS stares back reserved yet intense]
POWERS 'first of all elimination tactics using guinea pigs is not outside the charter '
FLETCH 'well it's more the motive behind his actions that has me worried'
POWERS 'like what?'
FLETCH 'It was more like a personal vendetta then experimentation for the good of the operation'
[POWERS stares back as if expecting FLETCH to continue]
POWERS 'seems to me you don't want to be too specific'
FLETCH 'not at this time sir'
'let's just say that there's more going on behind the scenes than you might think'

POWERS 'first of all there's a level of trust that all comrades in arms hold for each other'
'especially for an operation as secret as this'
'unless you think the boss has violated this trust and has compromised the operation, '
'I don't think I want to hear the specifics anyway'

POWERS 'so what elimination tactic are we talkin about here?'
FLETCH 'a combination of mind control and telepathy to attempt to induce a fatal accident '
POWERS 'how fatal?'
FLETCH 'like driving in front of an oncoming bus'
POWERS 'with Jack? I didn't realize he was on the hit list'
FLETCH 'he wasn't, that's exactly what I'm referring to, the boss tried to use the most '
'secret means possible because he didn't plan on claiming responsibility,'
'and wanted to pass it off as a legitimate accident '

POWERS 'you mean to his peers'
FLETCH 'exactly sir'
[POWERS stares ahead as if in contemplation]
POWERS 'the complex world of the boss, he normally wouldn't hide something like this'
'but I still don't wanna pry, well I do and I don't'
'I do because Jack has become so useful to the operation, that the loss of his services'
'could be a big blow to the operation'

[POWERS stares ahead speaking to nobody in particular] 'what are you up to Boss?'
POWERS 'Jack is a religious man, or so they tell me' 'somehow I suspect that might be '
'part of the problem' 'a clash between good and evil shall I venture to guess?

FLETCH 'your guess is right on track sir'
POWERS 'so you say the boss used mind control'
FLETCH 'they call it mind control, it's still a tactic the experts are still trying to perfect'
'they used a combination of brain implants and brain washing'
'at the appropriate moment a city bus was staged to Jacks left, while simultaneously'
' he was prodded telepathically to exit into the oncoming bus, '
'which of course would have resulted with a catastrophic collision'

POWERS 'so you're saying Jack saw the bus coming, was waiting for the bus to pass,'
'but was still prodded in this manner? telepathically'

FLETCH 'that is correct sir'
POWERS 'I had no idea something like this was possible'
FLETCH 'still in the development stage sir'
POWERS 'like a clash between will and and what?'
FLETCH 'mind control sir'
'a weaker minded person would have easily succumbed'

POWERS 'you mean like a brainwashed person'
FLETCH 'yes sir'
POWERS 'to do something beyond will, conscience, logic, almost like a complete '
'breakdown of a person's value system at a given moment in time'

POWERS 'could a drug have this same effect'
FLETCH 'I believe so sir'
[POWERS stares ahead] 'telepathy, unbelievable, I always considered this science fiction'
POWERS 'now I see what you mean, an elimination tactic so clandestine that nobody '
'could ever suspect'

FLETCH 'especially a tactic that only a handful of scientists are privy to'
POWERS 'so you say brainwashing too?'
FLETCH 'hypnotic suggestion while the victim sleeps'
'of course there's a whole variation of tactics the shop could use here'
'depending on what the objective is'
'I could give you the details but that would take hours'

POWERS 'now I see what you're sayin, these tactics seem a bit extreme for a guy like Jack'
'and you say his principles incited the boss in this manner?'

FLETCH 'well it was more for secrecy purposes, since the Boss knows about Jack,"
'and his benefit to the operation'

POWERS 'this is almost a borderline compromise, I'll have a chat with the Boss'
'sometimes these field operatives go off on tangents, through no fault of their own,'
'they just do what they're trained to do'
'but sometimes a little guidance and direction is necessary' 'This isn't the first time '
'a little intervention was necessary'
'speak to no one on this, I'll take care of it'

FLETCH 'thank you sir' 'something like this could easily exponentiate out of control

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