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Subject G42 20020406

April 6, 2002 (The following information reflect the opinions of and the characters are fictional)

[inside Dirkson row]

TOMMY 'I can't believe these guys' 'are we talkin about our last line of defense or a bunch a children ''
'how selfish can this guy get? Does he not realize what Jack's been through?'

[TOMMY slams his fist on his desk] 'for crying out loud is it too much to ask for! '
'The guy's been through hell for crying out loud'
'why don't you knock some sense into him' 'duhh there's a much more important agenda then '
'satisfying some stupid whim, while the world toils in harms way'

FLETCH 'it's become allot more than some stupid whim' 'you might say it's manifested itself
'into montrous proportions'

TOMMY 'that stupid idiot, I wan't you to declare im a Section 8, .......... now! Dam it!'
[TOMMY stares at FLETCH with a subdued rage not really expecting a response, and knowing his fury]
[somehow exaggerated his authority]

TOMMY 'does he not know what Jack's done for us? I can't believe he tried to stage that hit'
FLETCH 'the man's oblivious to rhyme or reason, you might say he's been possessed'
TOMMY 'that sick idiot'
FLETCH 'today he struck again'
TOMMY 'for crying out loud, what?'
FLETCH 'he started gassing Jack while Jack was chewing on a snack, and so Jack got some food '
'lodged in his throat, and started gagging, and coughing violently'

TOMMY 'I can't believe this, he almost choked to death?'
'why? Why'd he do it?'

FLETCH 'the Boss has Jack on a conditioning program, or rather punishment training'
TOMMY 'punishment training? I didn't think the shop used that technique anymore'
FLETCH 'actually it's used quite a bit' there's this prevailing attitude that it's the most tangible'
'way to exact obedience'

TOMMY 'obedience? With Jack? Once the man gives his word, it's as good as gold'
FLETCH 'you know the shop, leave nothing to chance' 'they would rather depend on proven tactics,'
'than treat Jack as the exception'

TOMMY 'so you're saying they wanna be able to twist his arm to get their way'
FLETCH 'especially for what they got planned for the guy'
TOMMY 'like what? If they gotta exact torture to get their way, it can't be good'
'dam it, why does it always have be like this? with these guys' 'talk about compromising a perfect'

FLETCH 'exactly, Jack sees it as a big turn off, like "that stupid idiot, I can't believe this" '
TOMMY 'so Jack knows what the Boss is up to?'
FLETCH 'Despite what the shop wants to impose, Jack is the exception in many ways'
'somebody told me the man once had a photographic memory'

TOMMY 'once had?'
FLETCH 'over a decade ago, before the shop henchmen got their mits on im'
TOMMY 'like how?'
FLETCH 'you know, the typical chemical warfare program, including sleep deprivation '
'and memory wipes'

TOMMY 'memory wipes over a decade ago?'
FLETCH 'you know the shop..'
TOMMY 'leave nothing to chance...........'
FLETCH 'it's standard practice, especially early on when their target is still a member of the social'

TOMMY 'you mean like still legitimately a member of society'
FLETCH 'the way they see it, during the early stages, the target would still have credible access'
'to legitimate authority, and could potentially compromise the operation'

TOMMY 'so you're sayin he sustained an unknown level of brain damage, from all those vicious '
'assaults the shop threw at im, during the early stages of the program'

FLETCH 'despite all those torture gauntlets, the man is still a considerable prize '
'his actions speak for themselves'
'one could only guess what he could've become, had his mental abilities not been damaged,'
'especially his photographic memory'

TOMMY 'how photographic?'
FLETCH 'like remembering 3 license numbers within minutes of each other on his worst days'
TOMMY 'on his worst days?'
FLETCH 'like when the shop would have im under severe sleep deprivation torture, '
'like 2-3 hours sleep per night for weeks'

TOMMY 'so yor sayin the shop yanked a genius out of mainstream society without knowing it'
FLETCH 'to our surprise'
TOMMY 'and almost tortured the guy into oblivion for experimentation purposes'
[TOMMY stares at FLETCH almost with a look of disgust]
TOMMY 'so what's Powers going to do?'
FLETCH 'bring im back to reality?'
[TOMMY turns and stares out the window toward the Potomac] 'like hell, the man's an animal'
FLETCH 'stupid idiot ain't gonna let it go, not based on recent history'
TOMMY 'that whimsical loon'
FLETCH 'he's like a kid in a candy store "no gimme dis, no I wan dis, no I wan dis now"
"heee heee, I can't make up my mind, now I wan dis, I livin in ecsatcy, it it stolen my my heart"
"an an my mind, I I helpless, elp me, pleas somebody, ahhhh, ahhhhh, heee heee, foget you man,
I I don care about Jacques, foget it man, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, who cares whads at stake,"
" or or whad Jacques could do fo us, heee heee, I luv my yob"

TOMMY 'so what exactly are you sayin?'
FLETCH 'he's like a man who's all ID'
TOMMY 'say what?'
FLETCH 'even if Powers gets im to go along, subconsciously he won't, '
'and he'll do anything in his power to get his way'

TOMMY 'what kind of power?'
FLETCH 'the whole gamit of secret warfare, including psychological and chemical'
'don't forget he's a very powerful man, and because of the lack of scrutiny'
'if he wants something there isn't much to stand in his way'
'ya see what I'm sayin? if the man happens to be immature or childish, or whimsical,'
'or if he happens to go off on a tangent, which has proven very possible over the decades'
'because of the tremendous amount of temptation, there's not much to stop im'

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