Written October 9, 2001

(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

BOSS 'Dam it! You just accused the shop of eliminating 3 other journalists this year'
LEW 'Well, I'll let you off the hook, I'll say the Secret Society did it'
BOSS 'Dam it! Who!
LEW 'As if you didn't know, 2 key journalists at the Washington Post, Katherine Graham,
2 months before the World Trade Center debacle, and Herbert Lawrence Block, last
Sunday, exactly the day Bush publicly orders the first public air strikes on Afghanistan'

BOSS 'These people were old, you can't pin it on us'
LEW 'When the Secret Society retaliates, age don't mean a thing
BOSS 'Retaliation? Fo whad?
LEW 'read DT's research, his notes....World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Watergate, JFK ... FDR
....King.....Lenon....Tate...MK Ultra, ... assassins....the Secret Society has had their hand
in all these events...they control.....

BOSS 'So how come nobody knows dis stuff'
LEW 'That's why they call it the Secret Society'
'When you have renegade journalist's running around.....

BOSS 'Renegade journalist's?
LEW 'Those who don't conform, and speak their mind's, and tell it like it is, and criticize the
government, and poke fun, and rouse the rabble, and accuse and incite and insinuate and
question and.....

BOSS 'You mean like Rush Limbaugh
LEW 'Exactly, another journalist seemingly getting the axe'
BOSS 'Huh'
LEW 'He started going deaf just a few months ago, now he's almost completely deaf
BOSS 'But I tot dis was a free society'
LEW 'Look, I know you're funnin with me, but I'm serious here, this is serious stuff
BOSS 'Ok, so what did Katherine Graham do wrong? At the Washington Post
LEW 'Watergate, destroying president Nixon politically
BOSS 'She juss authorized Bernstein and Woodward to take the report all the way
LEW 'She was still involved
BOSS 'I'm sorry I juss don't buy your argument, there were many others involved
LEW 'In military terms she was captain of the ship and held accountable'
'Besides the Society doesn't retaliate out of spite or anger or emotion,
it's all calculated and mechanical'

BOSS 'Huh'
LEW 'They keep a record like Sante Clause, those who've been naughty or nice
BOSS 'Now you're funnin with me
LEW 'No I ain't, this is all true, so at a convenient time and place, they exact vengeance, it's like
a hit list, such and so did this or did that, and have been condemned or sentenced, with
varying levels of punishment depending on what they did, that so upset the society'
'Now let's take Katherine Graham, she slips on the sidewalk and bumps her head'

BOSS 'hey stuff happens'
LEW 'Don't you get the symbolism?
BOSS 'Where?
LEW 'Deep Throat, the insider who spilled the beans to Woodward'
'The word "Deep Throat" obviously has a sexual connotation'
'The word "head" in today's slang, has the same connotation'

BOSS 'So you're saying her little accident was intentionally staged, to symbolically connote that
the accident was retaliation for Deep throat and Watergate, and Nixon's impeachment, I
mean his political demise'

LEW 'She was also eliminated, I mean she died on 7-17-2001'
BOSS 'so'
LEW 'Well the number "17" symbolically associates to the JFK assassination since JFK was born
in 1917 and so was Katherine'

LEW 'Well some say Watergate was retaliation for the JFK assassination'
'7-17 is 30 days past the anniversary of Watergate'

BOSS 'huh'
LEW 'Watergate, the breakin occurred on 6-17-1971
BOSS 'so what does the, why 30 days after?
LEW 'I don't know, maybe cause JFK JR was eliminated on the 30th anniversary of the
Apollo moon landing'

BOSS 'What!
LEW 'You know, the space race, that his dad demanded and angered many
BOSS 'No I mean JFK JR, you say he was eliminated'
LEW 'That's the, uh uh uh, I've said too much already, that's the theory
BOSS 'In retaliation for the space race? That cost lives and livelihoods'
LEW 'Well Mission Control is in Houston [LEW slaps himself across the face] "shutup shutup"

[The BOSS leaps at LEW and pins im against the wall]
BOSS 'Now listen you little sucka, you're going to tell me everything you know'
LEW 'That's DT's job'
[suddenly the mention of DT sends the BOSS into freeze frame, and the BOSS stares ahead
as if transfixed in a trance]

LEW snaps his fingers across the BOSS's face 'BOSS? BOSS? Hellooooo?
[after a few minutes the BOSS finally snaps back]

LEW 'Then there's Katherine's husband, who some suspect was eliminated in 1963, the
same year JFK was assassinated'
'That's the year Katherine took over the Washington Post'
'Who knows, maybe Katherine's part in Watergate was deeper than some think'
'BOSS? Hellooooo?

BOSS 'Yeah yeah, so what about the other journalist, Herbert Block?
LEW 'Ok, so Herbert dies at age 91, and of course.....
BOSS 'What did he do?
LEW 'He was an editorial cartoonist for the Washington post, who usually depicted Nixon
in a negative manner'

BOSS 'Nixon again'
LEW 'The guy who called himself the Rainmaker
BOSS 'What?
LEW 'Nothing' it was the time of Woodstock and Manson and Hendrix and Joplin'
BOSS 'Which means what?
LEW 'Nothing'
In other cartoons he depicts Nixon emerging from the sewer'

BOSS 'The sewer?
LEW 'Yeah, seemingly the trajectory of the fatal.....[LEW slaps imself again] "shutup shutup
BOSS 'Trajectory? Who says there wasssssss, nothing, I didn't say nuttin'
LEW 'In the 50's he also depicted Senator Macarthy'
BOSS 'You mean the witch hunter? The communist witch hunter?
LEW 'Yeah, he also depicted Macarthy emerging from the sewer'
'Other targets for Block were military budgets, government secrecy, ...
'Then perhaps coincidentally Block dies last Sunday, the day Bush publicly
ordered air strikes against Afghanistan'

BOSS 'Is there suppose to be anotha symbolic association?
LEW 'Well the only symbolism I see is he died at age 91'
'Of course everybody knows 911 or 9-11 is the World Trade Center attack'

BOSS 'so'
LEW 'And on 9-11, the first terrorist hit was the 91st floor of the North Tower'
BOSS 'So, sounds like coincidence'
LEW 'Then there's journalist James Hatfield, who dies a few days after Katherine, on
7-21-2001, of a cocaine overdose'
'In 1999 he wrote "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the making of an
American President", in the book he accuses the would be president of covering
up a cocaine arrest'
'James was 43 when he died, and of course Bush is the 43rd president'

BOSS 'So you tink dere's a, dat the numba "43" is like a symbolic association'
LEW 'well arrogance through symbolism is a trade mark of a certain agency'

WILL 'Did you hear what happened?
[LEW stares back]
WILL 'The shop just tried to put the hit on DT'
LEW 'Dam! That's gotta be the 100th time' It's a good thing Dt has eyes in the back of his
head' What happened this time?

WILL 'They tried to run a speeding bike up DT's ass while he wasn't looking' the bike
was going at crippling speed'

LEW 'Dam, didn't the shop just cripple the guy last year? after he tried to slip the police a
few tips'
'How many on the team?

WILL 'A witness, a distraction, a taunter, at least 6 on the ground, and of course
'Unlike before, there wasn't much plausible deniability, if somebody wanted to
they could circumstantially prove malicious intent'

LEW stares ahead knowingly 'Plausible deniability, I don't think the shop cares about
plausible deniability much, not with DT, especially after 1997 after he tried
to slip out a few tips on the JFK thing, and then fanning out emails on his son in
2000, after the shop crippled the guy'

WILL 'And the feud goes on' This internal bickering is getting us nowhere'