Written April 2, 2001
(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

PETE 'I hear you got DT under sleep deprivation torture'
BOSS 'well we ave no choice, little sucka's soakin up current events like a sponge'
PETE 'so what's wrong with that?'
BOSS 'don you get it? He sees every ting, every time he watch the news'
PETE 'no I don't get it, sees everything what?'
BOSS 'do I ave ta spell it out fo you? He could ged us all in twubble'
'if he stots shootin off his mouth again, an an if he keeps learnin stuff'

PETE 'yor talkin about the recent Wall Street plunge and the corruption behind the scenes?'
BOSS 'shhhhhhhhhh shuddup'
PETE 'that there's a Big Business Wall Street conspiracy to keep the rich rich and the poor poor,'
'and the middle class where they are'
'that there's a conspiracy among brokers to steer investors in a certain direction,'
'so Wall Street could take a tumble every now and then, in designated area's,'
'essentially bilking investors out of billions of dollars periodically,'
'that the recent Wall Street plunge was to support the new Bush administration and Big Business,'
'who both used the plunge as an excuse to push their programs and clean house'

BOSS 'like what?'
PETE 'so Bush could push a 1.6 trillion dollar tax cut to stimulate the apparently '
'beleagured economy, so Bush could lessen and eliminate environmental restrictions,'
'like the Kyoto treaty, so Bush could promote oil and gas exploration, especially in Alaska'

CLAY happens to show up 'well there's a 56% dependency on foreign oil, '
'and our reserves are drying up, we need more.......'

PETE 'what about more cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives?'
'besides, why such an emergency now?'

CLAY 'huh'
PETE 'suddenly Bush is forced into office.....'
CLAY 'what?'
PETE 'he lost the popular vote, the Supreme court deliberated on the Florida standoff'
'and essentially pushed Bush into the presidency'
'Jesse Jackson called it a coup d'etat, and the shop ..... with a ... Scandal.... '
'sources tell me .... from the beginning'

BOSS 'like how?'
PETE 'they did the same thing with .... staged a sweet little pretty .... '
'for a future malicious intent'
'so Bush is promoting oil and gas exploration to promote and buildup the energy companies'

CLAY 'aint Bush from Texas, once an oil and gas producing state, and doesn't he have allot of'
'energy company constituents, that helped put im into office, after all he was recently Governor'
'of Texas'

PETE 'that is correct'
'so Bush is building up the energy companies, and the conspiracy forced the recent '
'power crisis in California, as a coercive way in convincing the public,'
'especially those closest to the targeted Natural Wildlife Refuge in Alaska,'
'that we need more energy, more power plants, more natural gas, more oil'
'in fact the conspiracy thought this was so necessary, that California utility companies '
'are jacking up their rates to as much as 46%, to make it even more convincing'

CLAY 'sounds like the Bush administration is in a hurry to get the drilling going '
'up North in Alaska'
'but why does California have to be punished?'

PETE 'its this negative attitude the East has on the West, in fact at the 116th annual gridiron'
'club in D.C., California governor Gray Davis was referred to as "another nut from California" '
'then there's "moon beam Jerry Brown" who ran for the presidency twice?'
'sources say the conspiracy kept im drugged, and thus was unable to fully use the same mental '
'abilities that got im the Governorship of California twice'
'then of course there's the history, the East has waged war on the West, secretly, covertly,'
'for decades'

CLAY 'say what? Why?'
PETE 'the West being at the opposite end of the country, has been a thorn in the side of '
'the more conservative lawmakers in Washington, with their free spirited independent thought,'
'sparking one social movement after another, the Hippies, the communes, the anti-war fervor '
'during the Vietnam era, then there's the rock'n roll, the free spirited sexuality, the prevalence'
'of drugs'

CLAY 'but this is true, was true, is true everywhere nationwide'
PETE 'the conspiracy has this tendency to blame the West for the nation's ills''
'then you have Hollywood, the image makers with a nationwide audience'
'the conspiracy, or rather the secret society, has secretly waged war on those who portray'
'too negative an image, on screen or on stage, too much sex, too much violence, '
'too much politics, etc etc'
'in case you haven't noticed, the Hollywood crowd has been plagued with tragedy since the'
'movie industry's inception'
'then you have the last election' 'the entire West coast voted for Gore instead of Bush

CLAY 'so what're you saying? The Bush administration is retaliating?'
PETE 'it just adds to the mystique, the aura, Washington has given California, '
'as the state to punish, or beat up, or kick, for the nations ills'
'then you have the genocide, the serial killings in the 70's and 80's, where prostitutes '
'and transients were usually targeted'

CLAY 'you're blaming the East for this?'
PETE I'm blaming the conspiracy, the secret society'
CLAY 'you said earlier that the Wall Street plunge was being used as the excuse'
'for companies to clean house'

BOSS 'their people inventories, trimming cost and expenses, by trimming their workforce'
'without fear of Federal retribution'
'in fact, since Bush took office, layoffs have been going on left and right, especially after '
'the sudden Stock Market downturn'