(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

This story is absolute fiction

September 27, 2021,
Location unknown 200 hours

The shaman suddenly bursts out of the tapestry
as if from another dimension,
wide eyed as if on nodoze
and very large blood shot eye'z,
and with hiz large tung hanging out,
and with feathered head gear and a shamans robe.

Immediately the crowd responds in oou's and ahhh's,
and screams, as the shaman starts doing the crazy dance
and immediately the tribal leaders join in,
resembling one of thoze jungle scenes
where the cannibals dance aroung their latest prey.

The crowd utters their pleasure,
like a scene out of Sodom and Gamorra.
Soon the shaman makes hiz way
to a large man dressed like a king,
who appears to be in a trance.

Soon the shaman is standing over him,
and immediately the crowd hush's,
and there's complete silence in the chamber
whose insides resemble a church,
with statues everywhere.

'Who are you! The Shaman booms,
with a voice so loud it sounded like a thunderclap.
Big RED 'I am nobody.
Shaman booms 'Why are you here!

Big RED 'To seek tranquility and peace for the kingdom'
Shaman simply stares with a piercing look for a time
then sayz
'But you must exact judgement first!
Big RED simply stares back, for what seemed eternity, then nods

Shaman looks deeply into Big REDs eye's as if soul serching,
then says
'I will give you wisdom'.
The Shaman starts speaking in an English accent, but hiz lips aint moving
'yor mission, shood you chooze to accept it'
'is to stymie the councilz hand, into inaction'

'to achieve such a feat,'
'you must bully the press'
'you must bully the intelligence community'
'you must bully congress'
'you must bully yor subordinates into submission'
'you must fill positions with incompetence and inexperience'
'you hate everybody'

'including other nations,
where coordination and cooperation is necessary
in a world emergency'.

'once this iz done, you will be blameless, for what is to come,
and for what will pass'
'the council will be powerless to resist yor overtures.

Soon the king is walking down the aisle,
with his long purple robe being lifted at the ends
by the courts servants,
as the king contemplated the exchange
which seemed to last hours,
but to the people who witnessed the spectacle,
it seemed like a 2 minute interlude with the shaman.