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October 21st, 2021
The barracks

Boss Gimme 50 pushups!
Josh struggles after 10 uhhhhhhhhhhh
Boss Little sucka, at ease mista!
Bony 'So whats goin on wid Tony'

Jack 'after he started lookin at JD,
the shop had a fit.
Tried to evict im off the streets he sleeps on'
Bony 'after 14 years? '
Boss 'heee heee, JD who'
Jack 'the rock' Rockefeller'

Spade suddenly shows up
'he was lookin at JD, the Titanic, the panic of 1893, the
Jack 'But it wasnt until the Titanic,
that the shop had a cow.

In fact, the terror started on 8.3.2021,
remema that nite.
The SS startled Tony ouda his sleep at exackly 240am
Boss 'heee heee so
Jack 'thats when the horror ended. at 240am,
when all was silent, frozen bodies everywhere
Boss 'little sucka how jou no'
Jack '3 hours of horror.

Bony 'thats how long JFK lasted, after he arrived at Dallas fort worth.
Spade 'The number 3 is symbolic, it goze way back.
Boss 'heee heee heee'

Jack 'So the entire month of August,
it was one ting afta anoda, nite terror,
startling Tony ouda his sleep,
banging on the windows, staging crazy people yelling,
as they pass his van,
staging those cars with loud backfires,
like dey doin a drive by.
One time they hit his van wid a big rock

Boss 'heee heee heee, littl sucka don learn,
he shooda stik to Science. Insted he go afta JD, accusin im of stuff
Jack 'he's just a person of interest

Then the next month, the SS branded Tony like a cow
The boss bursts out in lafter 'Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!,
he hee heee heee hee he he,
Bony 'whatso funny?
Jack continues 'a giant bald spot, where JFKs hed blew up.
You can pick Tony ouda a crowd with that.

They did it rite before 9.11.
Then after 9.11, they tried to hit Tony with an SUV
Then the SS started beating on Tonys brain, to force memory loss

But it wasnt until Tony finished the Table of Contents,
that the SS really went to town.
Boss 'heee heee heee, like what?

Jack 'dumped ice water all over his van bedroom, all over his stufff,
obviously symbolic of the Titanic.
Shoved chemz down his throte, so he was virtually frothing at the mouth.
A deth tret "jou got alf a year",
Tung torture (they got im rigged by remote, to bite his tung),
thretened to wipe his memory clean.
Then rite after his booster shot on 9.28, they tried to food poison him.
A week later there sendin gangers at im, accosting Tony with nobody around,
taunting the guy, with nobody around.
Boss 'heee heee so

Jack 'and now they're showing guillotine intent.
Boss 'heee heee what
Jack 'The guillotine, the secret operation to drive people nuts.
they're issuing the tactics, like nerve gas hits, tings like that.
It also involves psy war.

Like for example, the SS is trying to stop Tonys 14 year tradition,
the christmas karate dance.
Boss 'heee heee how
Jack 'suddenly 3 CD players dont work,
and anytime Tony buyz a new CD player, the SS rigs it,
so it wont work during exercise. All his christmas stuff is on CD's
Boss 'heee heee so
Jack 'its psy war, to coincide with the guillotine