(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

Novenmber 5th, 2021
The barracks

Jeckel has shrimp in a hed lock
behind the barracks
I hate the Grinch!
Shrimp gasping says dont take it out on me dude
What'd he do this time?

the boss suddenly pops up
aye! wha you guyz doin!
I toll jou no funny stuff!
geet jor hanz off Shrimp, jou hear me!

Boss who stotted it?
Jeckel Its the Grinch,
turning the screw on Tony
Boss heee heee, little sucka gone too fa dis time
Its free speech! The last I heard this is America!
Boss get jou hed ouda duh cloud dude
ShrimpThe microsoft cloud?

Boss and Jeckel pause for a sec, then continue
BossI toll im ta ta ta leave JD alone,
little sucka woodn leestn
Shrimp why, what appen?
Boss it top secret
Shrimp I have a level 10 clearance
Boss jou lie,

little sucka sed dere was a slomo coup
Shrimp slomo?
Jeckel It took 36 years, thats why nobody knows
Fird suddenly pops in It happened eons ago, so who cares
Jeckel By the way the reverse of 36 is 63
and JFK was shot in 1963.
Everybodys silent, then Jeckel says The Grinch! tried to kill Tony,
after Tony scribbled that down,
his thots on the Coup.

Fird How'd they try to kill Tony?
Jeckel in a fatal crash attempt.
They even boasted before the attempt, giving Tony the victory sign
Boss heee heee, so V sssstan fo vickory?
Jeckel No, vengeance
These peeple whoever they are are always retaliating,
Remember that.

Jeckel an eye for an eye, two I's, like the WTC?
Fird Section II of the Sherman Anti Trust ACT,
split JD's empire into 34 pieces
Boss shuddup! dat enuff!

Shrimp V is also the 22nd letter, and JFK was shot on the 22nd
Jeckel Then the SS staged a hit at Tonys market.
The tuff guy pokes fun at the bald spot the SS branded Tony with,
like in the movie 'Shane
Boss So wha all the hoopla about the Grinch?
Jeckel How cold can you get?
Boss heee heee, heee heee, if dey smash up Tonys van,
den he cant enjoy christmas anyway

Fird The SS also pulled somma the stops on the Gillotine,
the secret operation to drive targets nuts.
Boss heee heee, the ggggggggillotine eese som bad stuff

Fird So number one, no more Christmas KD
Jinkle shows up K what?
Boss wha jou stupid! Karate Donce

Fird The SS has banned all CD players, used, new, old,
nada, no more Christmas music during the KD.
Jinkle whadya mean banned? The last I heard this is America
Boss heee heee, ehen jou lass check, 90 years ago?

Fird Tonys Christmas KD is a 14 year tradition,
since the SS made Tony a vagabond, living on minimum wage.
Fird So ouda the blue, 3 CD players dont work.
Then Tony buys 3 new ones, and they all dont work
Boss Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! he hee heee heeee
Fird whats so humorous?

Fird and the SS was so arrogant,
they froze the 3rd CD player with a message.
Boss heee heee heee
Fird a reverse 9, and the number 225
Jeckle I is the 9th letter
Boss wha eese dis charades?
Jeckle So the "I" conspirators, must be reversing history
Boss ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Fird and the 225?
Jeckle 9.11 was the 225th anniversry of the first 9.11,
back in 1776, the 'Staten Island Peace Conference',
where General Howe assumed the Colonists were there
to throw in the musket.
Jinkle plus Titanic was going 22.5 Knots
when it hit the IceBerg.
And the ship was doomed by Andrews at exactly 1225.

Boss eese dat it? wid the Gillotine,
take away TTTTTTTTTTTTTTonys Christmas KD? fo fo mennal cruelty.
Jeckel The guys homeless, thats all he has for entertainment
The Gillotine targets the brain
Boss heee heee heee

Fird So by November 1st, the SS flat out trettins Tony with,
"you gonna go craaaaazy" like Jagger wood say.
The next day they hit Tony with a burst of CO2,
when he needed air the most, after a 100 yard dash.

Also after the last web site updates,
October 22nd, the SS gives Tony a deth tret.
Days later they force an involuntary swallo
Boss involuntary?
Boss They have him rigged.
All they gotta do is press a button.
They can also make im bite his tung,
for some excrutiating torture, after he shoots off his mouth.
They also routinely shut him off, then get in and do stuff,
like in National Geographic.

Boss jou expek us ta beleeve all dis nonsense
Fird Do you have a level 10 clearance?
Boss of korse not, only the SS doz.
Boss esse dat eet?

Fird They're also targetting Tonys pocket book,
for shooting off his mouth last time.
They alreddy stopped his Unemployment Benefits.
He coodnt get past IDME "check back in 2 hours".
The loss is in the tousands.

And the IRS is sitting on his $660 refund for 2018.
And now the SS is staging PEDs.
Boss heee heee what?
Fird Pedestrian accident attempts.
They even used MKU a month ago,
when Tony picked up a bran new CD Player.

A week after he published on 10.22,
they forced Tony up a dark street,
then some guy opened his door wide, as if to get Tony
to wack it off.
Boss eese dat eet? we's gettin bored wid yor palaber
Fird They're all attempted financial attaks, as punishment.
They done this before, and drained his bank account.