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December 7th, 2021
Amazon Rain forrest
near Bogata Columbia,
an armed contingent waits patiently
nestled on a hill overlooking the Magdalena river.

Boss El Dorito aroun here som whe
Jingle Its El dorado, the lost city of gold,
buried in the forrest

Boss Heee heee heee, all we need is some excavators
Jingle what?
Boss Like a hellfire missiles, babooooom!
Heee heee heee, heee heee heee.
Jingle We'd have to call in air support
an that ain gonna appen,
unless we're pinned down by enemy fire.

Jingle Jumper, whatsup wid Tony?
Jumper They tried to smash into his van,
then tried to hit im with a car,
and now they pulled out the Gillotine.

Jingle The Gillotine? That is some bad stuff.
I herd stories about people,
like one guys brain was turned into hamburger meat.
Boss Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ! dat eese funny.

Jingle If they're willing to dedicate resources
to driving people nuts,
this would be consistent with an organization
that beheaded people in the past
to strike terror in the harts of their competitors.
Boss Heee heee what

Jumper holding a viper in his hanz says
I see the similarities, beheading and losing it.
Look a JFK, they blew up his head,
in front of somebody who went insane,
or ratha a statue.
Boss I seen the plaza lotsa times, an an an an an
neva seen any statue.

Jumper The John Neeley Bryan pergola,
the founder of Dallas
Speed Dallas the city of hate, in 1963
Boss Heee heee heee
Speed the klan descended on Dallas, in the 1920's
after their resurgence in 1915.

Jingle By the way, 1915 converts to SO,
for Standard Oil, JD's company that went bust.
Boss Heee heee how?
Jingle "S" is the 19th letta, "O" is the 15th.
and Standard Oil was referred to as "number 15" by the Muckrakers.

Speed So did JD fund the Klan or what?
Jingle His progenity gave to Hitler,
oil, gas and dinero, so why not.
And a list of Hitler sympathizers.
And JD did offer to buy Dixon a bully pulpit.
Boss Heee heee who?
Speed He led the Klan resurgence in the 1900's.
Plus JD's associate Foster Dulles, believed in racial purity,
back in 1911.
Boss Heee heee so
SSSSSSo wha jor poin?

Jingle JFK was beheaded in a public square,
in brod daylite, in frona a world wide audience,
to strike terror, just like the twin towers went down,
to strike terror.
Boss How jou no sucka!

Jumper By the way, Ozwald lived on Neeley street.
Jingle Thats rite!
and Oswald defected on 10.16.1959, moved into Dallas
on 10.16.1963, and the Cuban Missile Crisis,
started on 10.16.1962.
Boss Jou loss me sucka!
Jingle Marie Antoinette was beheaded on 10.16,
its all beheading symbolism.
Boss Marie who? who dat?