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December 22nd, 2021
Gulf of Mexico
submerged in an SDV submarine

Jingle So thats it then, no nore Chrizmas Karate?
Boss Little sucka woodn keep his mouth shut.
Wha jou expek.

Jingle That's all the guy haz.
Others pig out on punkin pie, binge on movies,
go to Knots and Dizney, but this guy
has his Christmas Karate.
Boss Little sucka is nutz, jumpin aroun like a Fairy.
Peeple stop an an wonda, wha wha dis dude doin?

Speed The SS made him homeless, where else he gonna do this.
Boss Why do eet at all.
Jumper It started out as a simple workout,
then Chrismas music fell into the mix.
Now thats how he celebrate Crismas,
the lass 15 years.

Boss Peeple tink he nuts,
pppppppprayin in the in the mmmmmmiddl
of of the park, neelin an an an ssssstuff.
Jingle Christmas is a religious holiday.
Allota peeple dont know that.
They think thats when you get drunk with family.

Jumper He use to be an altar boy, you know.
Boss bursts out in lafter
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Heee heee heee! dat eese funny.

Speed The bottom line, theyr attakin Tonys religion.
Flytrap Thats what Tyrannies do.
Look at China, the sec Covid hit the scene,
they tried to blame it on the Christians.

Speed They make the guy homeless,
and then wont even let im celebrate Christmas.
I herd the SS wont even let the guy play
his antiquated Christmas music
Boss Heee heee how
Jumper Everythings rigged, you know dat
Boss Heee heee heee
Little sucka treadin in dangerous territory.
I sssssssugest he not talk abou VOC.

Suddenly Brikhouse pops in,
crouching his 6 foot 6 inch frame,
to avoid the pipes overhed.
Brikhouse speaking with a voice deeper then Darth Vader,
"thats all we had too"
Boss whacha talkin abou, brik

Brikhouse After the invasion in Afghan,
we was runnin incursions behind enemy lines
and sometimes we'd R&R at the airbase,
watch movies and get drunk.

When Cristmas time hit,
there was Tony jumpin around on screen,
to Carols of the Bells by Steamroller,
or Chistmas Jam by Siberian Orchestra.
Boss Heee heee so whats yor poin?

Brikhouse Thats all we had.
The guys wood be screamin like it waz a prize fight,
gettin drunk. Word spred like lightning,
and before you know it, they'd be stoppin guys at the door,
and it was standing room only,
and soon you needed a ticket to get in.

It was the bess time of my life.
Guys wood be scalpin tickets, it was crazy.

Then one time, it was the day before R&R,
and Boomer and I had tickets,
but got cut down by sniper fire.
I knew rite away he wasnt gonna make it.

So I'm holdin Boomer's hed up,
Brikhouse voice starts shakin,
and holding back tears he continues

I'm holding up boomers hed, and
Brikhouse suddenly starts sobbing like a baby
and tries to continue

So Boomer whispers in a a a weak voice,
give my ticket to Jammer

Brikhouse walks away sobbing,
while the guys watch, and says.

That was our Christmas.
Boss with a crackling voice says I was dere too Brik

After a moment of silence the guys continue
Flytrap $1000 is allota cash, what appen?
Boss with a cracklin voice says when?
Jingle The SS switched out Tonys plugs,
and attakd his rack and pinion.

Boss heee heee, rrrrack an wha?
Jingle His front end.
I tink they were shootin for a serious accident.
Flytrap These peeple are nuts
Boss heee heee, I toll jou, dey don mess aroun.
booooom! heee heee heee.

Jingle The plugs only had 8000 miles,
and the Rack and Pinion was only 5 years old.
Boss heee heee so

Jingle Plus theres symbolism in the numbers.
The plugs cost $240, and the Titanic time line,
covers 240 degrees on the compass.
Jumper They attakd Tony before, for the same number
erlier in year. They terrorized Tony in the ded of nite,
at exakly 240am. That was after he ventured into the Titanic disaster.

Speed How you get 240?
Jingle Titanic hit the berg at 20 till,
and sunk at 20 after, it forms a perfect isosceles triangle
but thats another story.
Boss Heee heee heee

Speed And the ordeal lasted 2hrs 40 minutes.
Also the Titanic hit the Berg at 2340.
The analysts suggest 40 is symbolic of purification
by 40 measures of water (the Atlantic).
Boss Jou loss me dude.
Speed Whoever sunk the Titanic, was religious.

Jingle 240 degrees is 2/3rds of a conplete circle.
Jumper wait a minute, 2/3rds is also 67%.
67% of the people on board were killed.

Speed How many shares did JD own?
Boss Share of wha?
Jumper 1667 shares of Standard Oil, when it opened for bizness.
Jingle And get this. The horror lasted 2.67 hours,
and the Carpathia was 67 miles away, when it got the call.
Boss Heee heee heee, dats allotta 67's

Jumper Plus the White Star line
entered the shipping biz in 1867.
The inverse of 67 is 33.
Boss duh who?
Jumper The WSL owned Titanic.
Speed JD use to own the WSL
Boss awight dat enuff a dis.
lets get to duh poin.

Jingle Then theres the symbolic date of 12.20,
the day Tony shelled out $240.
We alreddy mentioned the 20 till, and 20 after.
Speed The 20th letter is "T",
and its symbolic of the cross,
theres several secret societies that use the cross as their emblem.
Boss Heee heee like who

Jingle 12.20 just so happens to be the 160th anniversary (+1)
when South Carolina seceded from the union.
Boss Heee heee so
Jingle The Titanic sunk in 160 minutes.
Speed The Fireman hat number 164, on 9.14.2001,
rite after 9.11, cood mean "160 for".
Boss awight dat enuff