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January 6th, 2022
DC (inside a bunker)

HighTower is leaning over and yelling at the boss,
in his ear, like a drill instructor

Who told you to do that! Who gave you permission!
Do you have any idea how many people were disappointed!
Especially the boys in uniform, sacrificing over seas!
The Boss just stares ahead, trying to contain his composure
Billy Sir DT opened the vault, that gave us the rite to attak
HighTower Theres rules and regulations, boundarys we do not cross,
there are rules of engagement.
HighTower suddenly yells at the top of his lungs
You cant just go nuclear! because you feel like it!

Joey Its complicated sir
HighTower leans over, rests his palms on the conference desk,
and glares at Joey

Boss It classified sir,
an an jou ain got duh uh proper clearance.

HighTower suddenly yanks the boss ouda his seat
and pins him against the wall
in a choke hold, and says
What did you say?

Boss OK tell im Joey
Dredge Sir, our allegiance is to the SS.
The Gillotine order was given, because Tony is a tret to the regime.
As soon as he compiled a dossier on the JFK hit,
we thot the information was a thret to certain individuals of standing
(both past and present), and cood cause a dominoe effect,
of a devastating magnitude.

HighTower yells nock off the BS, and get to the point!
Boss yeah
RittenBower Tony was reserching JD,
so we got the order to Gillotine.
HighTower I like that anser better, short and simple.
HighTower suddenly yells What doz that have to do with,
stopping the show!

Boss Heee heee wha show?
Dredge The SS considers it mental escape
Boss Heee heee whacha talkin abou?
Dredge Tonys Christmas Karate dance.

Jingle You gotta be freakin kidding me.
thats why you stopped the show?
RittenBower And the holidays.
The holidays is considered mental escape.

HighTower What are you peeple running! Auschwitz 2!
Why dont you just throw him in an isolation chamber!
Boss Heee heee heee

Brisco sirrr nobody noze, dat veee do dis.
It like a a a a beheading, whe duh vikteem still keep his head,
an an an nobody noze veee beheaded im.

HighTower just looks at Briscoe as if bemused, then continues
I thot we were better then this,
what happened to sophistication, tactical maneuvers, covert warfare.

Brisco sirrr it like scene in Raiders of the ark,
whe Indiana confronted by a wepon xpert in swords.
So Indiana simply pull out his pistol an shoot im.
Boss heee heee heee

Later in the hallway, Jingle talks to Dredge

Jingle How'd you guys do it? Shut down Tonyz holiday.
Dredge It was easy.
Tonys homeless so he watches others celebrate the new year on TV.
So we cyber hacked his GB's.
Jingle his what
Dredge GB's, Gigobytes. He was alloted 10 GBs per month,

so anytime he tried to watch the new years festivities,
like the Rose Parade, or a college game, or a pro game,
he was bilked at one GB, every 20 minutes,
and his monthly allotment was only 10 GBs.

light post So he wooda used up his GB allotment in 3 hours.
Dredge The lenth of a pro game, or the Rose parade.

Plus the SS dont wan im watchin Live TV.
Jump suit so this homeless guy, plunks down $120, for live TV,
so he cood at least watch others celebrate on TV,
and you take that away from him.
Boss heee heee yeah, it fun man

Jump suit no live tv at all?
Dredge Its calld suppression, minimizing the risk,
of Tony gettin a newz bit, that cood be dangerous
Jingle what is this Russia?
Boss heee heee heee

Later at the Lincoln Memorial

Flytrap and Jumper show up
Jumper I hear you guyz were hazed by HighTower
Boss littl sucka tink he all it

Jingle I noticed they stopped Tonys holiday after 15 Christmas KD's, as a homeless man.
Boss heee heee so wha yor poin?

Jingle The number 15 is symbolic of JD,
who is a person of interest in the case.
Boss Heee heee what case

Jingle First theres the Muckrakers
associating the number 15 with SO (Standard Oil, JDs company),
then the Titanic sinks on the 15th,
and 1500 people die.

By the way Titanic launched at 1215,
which is behead symbolism, since thats when Antoinette was axed.

Jumper The klan resurged on 1915,
some say it was a symbolic year, sine 1915 converts to SO,
where S is the 19th letter, and O is the 15th letter.

Speed So JD was Klan?
Jingle He offered to buy a Bully pulpit for Dixon,
the guy who led the klan resurgence.

Jingle Also Titanic was found in 1985, and the inverse is 15.
Then there's the bad coordinates, given by Titanics radio operators,
at 15.5 miles off base. That happens to be the reverse of 5.15,
the day JD's empire was broken into 34 pieces.

Speed Thats beyond coincidence dude. Plus the numbers are reversed.
C'mon, somtin happened here. How cood no investigating body not notice?

The Boss's car rental

Jingle So Tonys KD is over? forever?
after 15 years jumpin around.
Flytrap KD?
Jingle Karate dance. For 15 years,
Tony celebrated with the Cristmas KD, every year, for 15 years.
This is the first year, he dont.
Boss Little sucka woodn keep his mouth shut

Flytrap How'd they stop that.
Jingle The CD player dilemma. No CD player wood work
during the dance. Used players, new players, nothin worked.
The SS wood even cancel orders (without Tonys permission)
for new players.

Flytrap Thats too easy, we'll just rig the players to stop
Boss Heee heee heee, TTTTTTTTTTTTTTony easy ta ta ta attak.
bam! shut im up good.
No live TV fo jou sucka, ha ha ha ha ha ha, heee heee heee.