(5.2.2022, updated 5.5.2022
This Story Is Fictionsl,
and the characters are fictional)

May 2nd, 2022
Griffith Park, Spring Canyon (Los Angeles)

Jackal and Bison take a breather
during a 20 mile conditioning exercise,
with about 30 Seal recruits,
looking down a 100 foot drop, into a small ravine.

Jackal So whatsup with the Duke?
Bison Who? oh Tony balony.
the MCGS still working im over
Sprout whats the MC whatever?
Bison The mind control Goon squad.
They enforce all social quarantines.
For some reason this one is taking months.

Jibby Quarantine?
Bison Yeah, he's in the virtual prison,
no social contacts allowed.

Jackal So who is it? looking for Tony
Bison Thats priveleged information,
plus the RING are licking their chops.
Sprout The Ring?
Bison They take in all the beauties,
thats all I gonna say.
jibby sounds like the slave trade
Bison Thats the benefit of Tyranny, everybody is a slave.

Bison Just this morning the SS hit Tony
with another fabrication for the cameras.
Jibby fabrication?
Bison Yeah, sometimes its a convincing game,
Tony did this, Tony did that, Tonys seeing this chick

Jackal The dudes homeless, come on.
The only person he see's is himself.
Bison The seeker dont know that
"oh no, he is? oh no"

Sprout So obviously you guys are in direct contact
with the seeker
Bison Of course, thats what we do,
charm, cajole, enchant, entice, you name it,
just to get to the target. Its pardo the spy game.

We use our best looking guys,
trained in psy war, the powers of persuasion,
just to hit on her, until she see's tings our way.

Plus we have the full powers of the govt,
psy war, brain washing, ESP. mind control, you name it,
at our disposal.

If one guy fails, we try anoda then anoda, then anoda,
until, "oh, look at Sammy, he got in big time".
And before you know it, we got her phone number,
her address, and grill and grill, we also use bugs,
until we got the info we need.

Whisle So Tony dont got a chance against the MCGS.
Jibby So what was the fabrication.
Bison The SS went to extremes at the market
to make it look like Tony was with this
well dressed 25 yr old chick, like she made more
than a purdy penny.

They blocked Tonys typical aisle,
by 50%, leaving 2 narro slits, to squeeze thru.
So she intentionally bloks im in, to force some verbal.

Sprout Why dont that ever happen to me?
Bison It was for the cameras,
so the SS cood feed the seeker lies about Tony.

Whistle Whats rong with this picture?
She was looking for Tony,
A cuppla months later, you guys have her number, and Tony dont.

Bison Our quarantine works dude.
Whistle and you guys are still using persuasion tactics,
"no no, dont pick Tony".

Jibby One of those rare situations, and you guys scuttle it
just like dat
Dredlock Speaking of Scuttle, I heard that EVerette,
is now making a play for her.
Bison So is anybody and everybody,
Whisle While Tonys chained to the mast "nooooooooo!
Stop it! nooooooo!
Bison While we goin, "how about this suitor? how about this one?
How about this one, and he has more than a purdy penny".

May 4th, 2022
DC, the ESN Institute

Drip Run that by me again
DR WU We all communicate inadvertedly all the time.
Without even speaking. Our brain send out signal, all the time,
an somtime people don even know dey being contacted.

Piper So I cood be tinkin it time for lunch,
and Drip says "time for lunch"
not even realizing he was reading my thots.

DR WU exackly.
The agency has perfected dis, big time.
They use computers, entire software programs have bin ritten
about how to interface with humans, and speak to dem directly.

Drip You mean like entire conversations?
DR WU Yes, after the target is on to us.
Drip On to us?

DR WU Initially target not aware his brain being invaded
by a foreign source. Usually targets dont even suspect
we talking to them, or dat we influencing their actions,
by what we say. Target tink dey his own thots.

Drip You'd have to use implants, for this
DR WU Dat info is classified
Drip Implants would allow a specific frequency
to communicate thots in waves.

May 5th, 2022
DC, the attic of the US Capitols Iron Dome.

Dredge What!
Sledge 5m, that was the last bid
Dredge 5M! freakin me! from purdy penny?
Sledge first the bid was 200k then 1M then 2M
then 4M then 5.

Socket Only purdy penny wood have that kinda cash
Drummer Uhhhhh lets see, I'll take that one.
How much? "Oh sorry sir she taken".
By who! Mr nobody? He didn even pay.
OK OK, 200K? how about 1M? 2M? 4M? 5M best offa.

Power Saw sounz like the pirates slave trade.
SOLD ta ta ta! whaz yor name my good chap?
Release th th th th the r r r r r es tttraints. "restraints sir?"
Take her off the th th th drugs.