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Suddenly the SS is pulling out the HITz,
after repeated threts of violence,
if seeker contact is made (Whatz rong wid this picture?).
Lass nite a HIT (acting oddly)
follows me to my next spot (on foot),
at the supermarket lot (brushes by my window several times).
Erly this morn, a HIT crosses the KD (karate dance) area,
while I'm there jumpin aroun, with nobody around.
Yesterday at lunch,
a HIT ganger acts like he's casing the lot.

Then today the SS drugged my comprehension,
as if to make me look stupid to somebody.
This is the 2nd time recently, they do this.


After lass fridays pub about the seeker,
later they tried to hit me with a suv
at the supermarket.
2 days later they tried to smash up the van,
then a cop quickly shows up 5 seconds later
(as if to take the accident report).

The SS also pulled out the ACID torture
(shove chems down the throte)
after I republished MCGS 2.

Yesterday after peeking at MCGS 2,
the SS hit me with acid torture
(shoved chems down troat)
like (bam! Bam! Bam! don read dat!).
Then they staged a HIT in the Mens room,
as if banking on the DEP (sleep deprivation).

6.11.2022 Now the SS is drugging my mental abilities
(a rare event, as if to make me look stupid)
for any encounter.
This coincides with routine memory wipes.
The SS also tried to hit me with a car

6.6.2022 Their memory wipes are taking a toll,
making me forget tings like my gym locker combo.
The other day I forgot my website password

5.27.2022 The Tyranny unchained, without restraint.
Ouda the blu the last 12 days,
the SS is keeping me draned sexually
(assuming a 4th assalt in 12 days,
lass nite as I slept),
and keeping me socially inept,
with the DEP (sleep deprivation).
The SS is also blatantly blocking my return calls

I posted my phone number,
and seem to be wiping my website emails,
and my voicemails.
Even my PO Box is under suspicion.
If that aint a quarantine I dunno what is,
in the land of the free.
The Shadow govt shood step foward
and make themselves known.
Hello, its us. Are you afraid?

5.25.2022 The SS gives me 2 deth trets
like "jou betta keep yor trap shut".

5.17-2022 The MCGS Convincing game continues.
the SS kept me on the H drug (hallucinegenic)
all nite, gassed me with nerve gas,
and hit me with psy war, as if driving me nuts
was suddenly a priority.

5.13-2022 The tyranny shoves a traffik ticket down my throte.
It turns out, I pulled the ticket
on Robert E Lee's 225th birthday
(his symbolism is everywhere, 9.11, JFK, Titanic).
Lee was revered as the virtual King of the South,
who led them in the Civil war,
and lost in what became a war of attrition.
If you add 225 to 1776.9.11
(the Staten Island Peace Conference,
General Howe was banking on fear),
you get 9.11.2001
(the most brazen terrorist attak ever).

5.10.2022 SS still fitin tooth and nail to stop contak

5.5.2022 Another Auschwitz moment.
The SS has me in a brane freeze
(6 days of the DEP, now in the torture phase).

4.29.2022 The SS continues the onslaught
(as if in punishment for my last story "The Pirates"),
assalting my back, pouring cement into my food,
torturing me with excruciating pain on the tung (3 times),
even blocking access to my website emails.
They also hit me with a flurry of threts.
They also hit me with 3 hours of memory wipes
(yet agane an alarm next to my face, fails to wake me).

4.28.2022 After publishing The Pirates steal Amber for the Booty,
the SS attaks my vital organs, as if to kill,
drugs me with the H drug (hallucigenic)
(a Gillotine wepon, to drive peeple nuts),
tries to kill me with an involuntary swallo,
and stages a ganger HIT (just 6 HRS ago).

The SS also tried to drive me nuts,
back on 4.23, "for 23"
(23 is symbolic in my reserch)
(for example, the Titanic was hit at 2340
and JFK was 23 when Dealey was bilt in 1940.).
My reserch has 23 to also mean 23=>11=>II,
where II is symbolic of retaliation.
II is also the WTC.
The SS was so sure about their intent,
they even fabricated a relative for the cameras.

4.23.2022 Somebody still seeks,
and the SS is fiting tooth and nail,
to stop contact.
Lassa nite they drugged me with a hullucinegenic,
or gassed me with nerve gas (continuously)
as if to drive nuts, before contact.
They turned me into a zombi, 6 times (with DEP),
They've taken 15 days ouda my life
with the DEP (sleep deprivation), so fa.
Last monday the SS tried to squash my van,
like a tin can (with a big rig),
after I mentioned the Ring.

4.2.2022 The SS apparntly tried to kill me yesterday
with acid torture (shoving chems down trote)
after I published breaking news on Connolly.
The torture was at the level of 2.21
when the SS seemed to try to hospitalize me
with acid torture.
(Since then I went Organic and raw vege's).
Even back then somebody sot me.

3.18.2022 I mension the klan and bam
more acid torture
(5 hrs yeaterday, 4 hrs the day before).

3.9.2022 Based on the data, JFK was an innocent man.
He didnt deserve an exploding bullet,
he didnt deserve a missile crisis.
The filthy rich with nothing to do
(oh lets shoot %%%,
oh lets put up two stiks up, then blow them up,
oh lets teach those immigrants a lesson).

12.22.2021.I menshon the VOC, and Bam! Boom!
The SS attaks my religion (typical of Tyrannies),
stops a traditional celebration of Christmas (The KD)
(forcefully, typical of Fascism).

Click Here, updated 12.23.2021.
12.14.2021 The SS just tried to put me
on the streets (befor Chrizmas),
az if retaliating for braking newz.
The SS cut me off, then hit the brakes.

12.07.2021.Afta my 2 newz releases,
the SS is resorting to the Gillotine
(a secret operation to drive tagets nuts)

Click Here, updated 12.10.2021.
12.01.2021.I simply sho intent to pub some Diary
and Bam! the SS tries to hit me with a car.
Back on 11.10, rite afta I started Phase IV of me reserch,
the SS flashed me the "V" sign (the VOCs emblem).
A week later they let in the cold, as if to freezy me
(which is what happened in the Titanic disaster).

11.22.2021.I simply mentioned the VOC,
the Dutch East India Company
whose emblem is V (V=22, JFK shot 11.22)
JD seemed fond of the Dutch.

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The SS tampers with this website when I aint lookin.
5.20.20 The SS attacked for taking notes on
"how the Bully allowed the invasion".
The SS came at me for a nite HIT (while asleep in the van). The SS tried to kill my website,
before COVID 19 hit the hedlines,
this March. This was after
I showed intent to run to City Hall.
12.28.19 The SS tried to Kill me,
to kick off the New Year.

12.28.19 The SS takes my credit card,
then tries to put me on the streets twice,
targetting the Van.