Breaking Newz 1.11.2022


So I'm on a roll, updating the website left and rite
the lass 1 to 2 wks, and Bam! the SS stops me,
after I publish the page on the JFK hit.

The SS tied me up all day yesserday,
trying to resolve a parking ticket
(which had symbolic numbers).

A 20 minute resolution lasted 3 hours,
due to sabotage (the SS has everyting rigged,
the cell phone, the laptop, the city website).

The SS woodn let me present the photo evidence,
that shows a blank parking sign.

How corrupt is that.

The SS also thretnd to take my money,
then staged a ped, as if trying to get hit
(this time the SS staged a distraction and resorted to MKU).

The SS also staged a cuppla hit attempts.


The nation celebrates while my holidays
are taken away, in punishment for free speech.

Insted they try to gillotine me
(secret operation to drive peeple nuts
(fiendish cruelty beyond beleef)
for the new year.

Also before the new year,
they also tried to kill me with a tree
(on new years eve),
and 2 days erlier they tried to hit me with an SUV,

The next day, they threttened to brake the bank,
then staged a ped, as if trying to get hit.

So the SS appeared afeared of the new year,
and what my reserch mite find.


Breaking News

Titanic radio operators
gave bad coordinates (off by 15.5 miles).
Coincidenally JD's empire
was broken up by the korts
on 5.15.
The apparent reversal symbolism
suggests retaliation.

Breaking News

The Bilderbergs 1st meeting
was on JFK's 37th birthday
(The inverse is 63).
JFK was shot in 1963
(9 yrs later).
He received a thret 9 days before he was shot.
The meeting was in Dutch Netherlands.
Guess what 1954 means.


Breaking Newz!!!!!
The 3rd shooter at the JFK assassination.
StillDiggin looks at Russian Abraham Zapruder.

He had xcuses for everyting,
for being in positon, for having a cohort,
for even bringing the camera.

There's symbolism everywhere,
including the camera
(model 414PD, Abraham Lincoln was HIT on 4.14.1865
right after Lee's surrender at Appomattix).

There was 26.6 seconds of film
(I alreddy suggested the Brits and the American Revolution
were the reason for the JFK HIT,
and the queen was crowned in 1926 at age 26).

I menshon the VOC, and Bam! Boom!
The SS attaks my religion (typical of Tyrannies),
stops a traditional celebration of Christmas (The KD)
(forcefully, typical of Fascism),

then punishes financially
(a whopping $1000 in damages for Mr homeless),
just in time for Chrismas.

Others celebrate at disneyland, malls, and theators.
For me its auto shops.

Click Here, updated 12.23.2021.

The SS just tried to put me
on the streets (befor Chrizmas),
az if retaliating for braking newz.
The SS cut me off, then hit the brakes.

Afta my 2 newz releases,
the SS is resorting to the Gillotine
(a secret operation to drive tagets nuts)

Click Here, updated 12.10.2021.

I simply sho intent to pub some Diary
and Bam! the SS tries to hit me with a car.

My last update attempt on 11.20, resulted in 2 kill attempts (by car crash).
This is where I menshon the Bilderbergs for the 1st time.
I woodn be surprised if they were morphers from he VOC
(terrorized all their competition, beheadings, stuff like that).

Back on 11.10, rite afta I started Phase IV of me reserch,
the SS flashed me the "V" sign (the VOCs emblem).
A week later I felt like a popsicle stick,
after the SS expozeed me to the cold (as I slept).
I woke up shivering like a hypothermic,
despite wearing my thermals.

(58th anniversary of JFK Hit)

There were 3 kill attempts to smash up van,
in 22 hours, after I started my latest story
(lass saturday).

I simply mentioned the VOC,
the Dutch East India Company
whose emblem is V (V=22, JFK shot 11.22)
JD seemed fond of the Dutch.

CLICK for details
We shood honor Pfizer and Moderna
with a ticker tape parade down Broadway,
for saving the world.

The SS tampers with this website when I aint lookin.

5.20.20 The SS attacked for taking notes on
"how the Bully allowed the invasion".
The SS came at me for a nite HIT (while asleep in the van). The SS tried to kill my website,
before COVID 19 hit the hedlines,
this March. This was after
I showed intent to run to City Hall.
12.28.19 The SS tried to Kill me,
to kick off the New Year.
12.28.19 The SS takes my credit card,
then tries to put me on the streets twice,
targetting the Van.