The SS tried to put me on the streets 3 dayz ago (9.28, which is the day Robert E Lee, was fatally ill in 1870). My reserch suggests a symbolic connection, to the Titanic, the JFK hit, and 9.11.

The SS gave me a flat, then tried to smash into me, as I limped to the tire shop.

CLICK for details


The SS also did somtin to my sexual organs, apparently to take out their competition, to guarantee ownership of the seeker. Two months ago I was like a teen, now I'm like a 100 year old.

The Medical Science Corner,
A 2nd Cure for AMD, updated 9.23.2022


The SS got in lass nite for hrs (alarm taped to my face, failed to wake me. It was like 2 inches from my ear), and I awoke with viagra. Looks like another SS sexual assalt (as I slept). (Plz read MCGS2c).


For some reason the Tyranny doz not want me doin AMD. 2nd day in a row, theyr forcefully stopping my efforts (thru laptop sabotage), this time while reserchin supraphysiologic concentrations of O2 in the retina.

A cupple nites ago they hit me wth memory wipes (electroshoks to the brain). There's no cure, and its a common desease.

Maybe their own people are runnin with the Drusen theory.

They even deleted my network connection (a first), and sabotaged my efforts at creating a new one, as if checking my memory, after the memory wipes.


For some reason the SS is obstructing medical reserch on AMD (influencing a serch giant to ignore my serch criteria on Retinal extra cellular deposits) The giant evn blockd my serch controls for 20 min to make it appen.

The SS also tried to punish me with a $500 tab (in a staged accident attempt 2 dayz ago) apparently in a pre emptive strike about the Ring.


The Science Corner, Gravity
updated 8.30.2022


Please continue to Pray the rosary to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for peace in Ukraine.

The Pirates 4.26.2022
The Mind Control Goon Squad (MCGS) grabs a little one.
MCGS 1 Their taktiks, updated 5.5.2022
MCGS 2a The Investigation 6.14.2022
MCGS 2c Edited to half the story 7.1.2022
MCGS.3 Richy is real 7.4.2022
MCGS.4 Under attak, for what? 7.18.2022
MCGS.5 The Tyranny bans my sexuality? 9.12.2022
BLOG Mania 8.26.2022

The Titanic Investigation
updated 1.22.2022

The JFK assassination
updated 1.22.2022

Breaking Newz
Breaking Newz Summary
Breaking Newz History

2022 !!!! Happy New Year! my Frenz!!
Merry Christmas my Frenz!!
Stymie the Council 10.21.20
The Pandemic in Retrospect 12.5.20
The Science Corner
.....The Big Bang, our Black Hole, 2.2021
.....The SUN, Solar Flares, CME's, 4.2021

Punished for Investigating JFK HIT 7.24.2021
Punished for Investigating JFK HIT and Titanic 8.24.2021
Punished for Ritin about the 2021 transfer of Power
Punished for Ritin about Pandemic in 2020
Free Speech Punishment Hilites 1.11.2022
The Punishment For Free Speech

It looks like the seeker was out and about, after the monster heat wave, the other week, but this time the owners get violent and aggressive.

CLICK for details


It turns out the Tyranny has banned my sexuality until its time for an MKU trick, in which case, they pump me with viagra. CLICK for details


The SS is using my van against me, attakd van agane (2nd time in 6 days), sending me ouda town agane (to fixif). They did it 6 days ago, when somebody was apparently seekin.

So I duck a monster heat wave (112-116 degrees) inside a motel for 3 nites, so the SS gets in for 7 hours over 2 nites, so by monday (labor day) my stamina is at zero (obviously a sexual assalt by the Ring, as I slept. I was like who was it this time).
I'm like a helpless trik (I'm always asleep), they use me any time they feel like it.

Then bam!, the sec I step into the killer heat, on tuesday, the SS attaks the van, forcing me ouda town for 3 hours (to fixit) (a red flag that somebody seeking me out). The SS left a clue, that it was the seeker.

Also the SS seems to be erasing allota voicemails lately. I wonda who it is, that keeps callin.


The SS redacted some of my science theorys,
without permission of course.


The SS stopped a streaming service Documentary on the World Order, bent on population control and genocide.

CLICK for details


The SS resorts to missing time events (using MKU, where they knock you out and do tings, like in National Geographic) (today for 20min about 3pm) (11 days ago where I noticed needle marks in the arm). Suspect SS fabrications of a sexual nature to scare away the seeker. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 20minutes is a long time.


The SS lets me have it yesterday (They hit me with 2 hrs of Acid torture at unprecedented levels, as if to make a statement), for my resrch on the Titanic. Yesterday was the Vulcan festival.

CLICK for details


yesterdy at the market lot (whe I typically park, the SS stages HI drama (a prelude to a HIT). Some guy (on my rite facin me) is yelling expletives (as if at me) to make a scene. The SS doz this as the excuse to HIT. The SS new I was stuk, with the car problem, so it was a catch22 (they screw up the van, then stage a HIT).


To coincide the SS is also targetting my savings, staging 3 PEDs (pedestrian accident attempts, using the powers of govt), the last 2 days.


The SS also attakd the kidney area (yesterday awoke stiff), then they deluged me with acid down the hatch, lass nite. So they probably trying to do me, since the kidneys are a filter for toxins.

They started attakin the kidney area last 6.27 when they tried to fry my engine and send me to the streets, like a vagabond, so Richie cood have the seeker for the 4th. So they mite a intended fatal consequenses on the streets.


It turnz out the SS bin assalting the Kidney area (a very vital organ)(wake up stiff), as if trying to kill, (at least 14x) since they tried to put me on the streets, a month ago, back on June 27th ?

The SS seems to be trying to clear me out of my typical stops (market, plus the lot, nite spots etc.), using terror (HITz), cops, etc., and keeps tretenin to take away the van.

6.27.2022 The SS (likely our own govt) just tried to put me on the streets (in the heat) after I compiled a full set of notes for a fictional story on an apparent govt prostitution ring (after the alternator attak).
This time they tried to to fry the engine.
The SS arrogantly thretend me before the fry attak.
To coincide the SS sabotaged the temperature gage, making me unaware of the over heating.
They tried to fry my engine in the past, and each try the temp gage wood give them away.


The Gillotine, SS banz holidays 1.7.2022
SS Banz Christmas Celebration 12.23.2021.
SS resorts to Gillotine 12.10.2021.
The SS turns Grinch, screws up Christmas 11.05.2021
The price for free speech' 10.22.2021
The Vault is Opened, Part 1 (series). 10.21.2021
Punished for free speech on Trump 12.3.20
The SS doz not tolerate Free Speech

The Price for Free Speech on Trump 10.19.20
Punished for calling Trump a bad role model 9.18.20
Blocking my covid19 report at all costs 8.24.20
Recent Years gone bye

The Diary Summary Final Draft, 1.18.2020

The SS Gulag 9.21.19

9.11 and a British connection 9.10.19

8.10.2019 The Diary Report Is BANNED

The BLOGS for 2019

The BLOGS for 2020

The Diary Summary Final Draft, 1.18.2020

The SS Gulag 9.21.19

9.11 and a British connection 9.10.19

Diary Report Draft Two 8.3.19
9.11 Theory 8.3.19

Diary Report Draft 1 7.13.19
7.27.19 The SS drugs me anytime I try to update the DRP,

Special report Part 4 6-1-2019
Special report Part 3 5-28-2019
Special report Part 2 5-23-2019
Special report Part 1 5-23-2019
Diary supplement 4-27-2019 PG

The Punishment
For Free Speech 2-14-2019
The Latest on 9-11 Theory 1-18-2019
The Diary Report updated 1-16-2019

9-11 Mini Probe 3 1-12-2019
9-11 Mini Probe 2 1-10-2019
9-11 Mini Probe 1 1-8-2019

punishment for latest theory 12-17-2018
9-11 Probe B OCT 13 2018
The 9-11 Probe A, May 18 2017 PG
Blatant Hit Attempts 10-6-18
Latest 9-11 theory 10-18-18
Latest Diary Report 10-18-18
2017 Xmas Dooms Day updatd 1-23-2019
Another Diary Report 6-15-18
Tony the poor boy 2018-1-24
The Latest Diary Report 2018-1-17
Horror 2 dayz before Christmas 2017
They tried to snuff me out before 2018

CNA Report Intro
CNA Report, It was Torture
CNA Report, They showed Intent, blatantly

Report Delivery to Officials Banned!

The 9-11 Probe A, May 18 2017 PG

JFK conspiracy theories 11-17-2017 PG

9-11 and coincidental Hist sum 6-9-17

9-11 and coincidental hist rep 6-9-17

9-11 and JFK hit 5-11-2016 (PDF)

9-11 and JFK hit 5-3-2016

The Diary Report

Report D Diary Report, the latest 8-11-17

---- "Who are they"

---- "Top Secret Warfare"

---- "Diary Report Hilites"

---- "Extreme Tactics to keep me poor"

---- "Any Medical treatment is banned"

Report D "The Diary Report" 8-30-2016


Report A "Who Are These people?

Report C "The Obstruction Report

Keepin me a poor man, to obstruct

Banned from contacting the US Senate

The Punishment is TORTURE!!!!

A History of SS Torture

Diarys of a Slave

Return of the Barbarians, cripple im!!!!
A crippling episode
Crippling an Olympian
tech not allow, no retirement for slaves
tech not allow for slaves
virtual prison, crippled, bad Doctors
tech not allow, for Mr Tech
Who really did 9-11 ? 7-24-2015 pg
Who really did 9-11? 9-7-15 LOG
SS Brain bash mania, to silence, 9-13-15

The Past events

Cop Harassment Jan 6 2012
SS on the offensive Sept 23 2011
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SS on the offensive JUNE 2011
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False Incarceration 2011 Jan 8
Secret Society theory recap
recap 6-6 Secret Society
recap may 7 2010
What's up with April 19th
Official Report, May 25 2009
screwing up my new year, dec 29 2008
Obstruction, stopped a story, Dec 17 2008
Retaliation or extortion? Dec 20 2008
Secret Diaries

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Retaliation for society story Nov 30 08

THE RINGs history June 2007
Ruthless tactics

THE Society vs xmas Nov 12 2008
Ruthless tactics

THE Societys secrets Nov 16 2008
Ruthless tactics

THE RINGs history May 2007
Ruthless tactics

THE RINGs history April 2007
Mind control

THE RINGs history April 2007
THE RINGs threats Oct 17 2007

THE RINGs history April 2007

THE RING wed Oct 8


getting physical Sun OCT 5

THE RING Sun Sept 28

THE RING Sat Sept 27

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911? Wed Sept 10

Retaliation or Extortion?
Friday August 22,2008

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The RING March 30, 2007
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censorship to the nth degree

sun July 27, 2008 extortion?
fri July 18, 2008 fatal intent again
Sun July 13, 2008 excuse to strand
Sun July 13, 2008 targeted in church too
wed July 9, 2008 trying to drive nuts
Sun July 6, 2008 more retaliation
Sun June 30, 2008
latest retaliation for trying to go to the police

Sun June 8, 2008
The police wouldn't even help

Sun April 27, 2008 Latest hit attempt summary
April 29, 2008 Latest summary
April 29, 2008
Latest retaliation, summary

April 27, 2008
Latest retaliation, details 1
February 18, 2008 A brief background
March 2, 2008 The Secret Society
Feb 7, 2008
elimination attempt in 2000

Feb 8, 2008 elimination attempt in 2006, food
Feb 6, 2008 Memory wipes,intent
Feb 10, 2008 Genocide, a closer look
Historical Diaries
Genocide in America, archive document
March 28, 2008
shoving food down the hatch

February 19, 2008
shoving food down the hatch

Feb 8, 2008
friday elimination attempt, food

Jan 20, 2008 Hit Attempt
Jan 23, 2008 Crazy Gas
Jan 26, 2008 Shoving Food down Throat
Jan 13, 2008 Memory Wipes
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